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We reached the finish line in 12 days!

13th August 2016 | Success Stories

Amore1, Orange County, CA

This is my first ever post….to anything! But I just had to share my story. I adopted a domestic female short haired cat from the local animal shelter on 10-10-10. It was decided that she would be strictly an indoor cat and I was not looking forward to the litter part at all. So while at the pet store, I came across the Littler Kwitter. My cat, Amore, immediately got the hang of it and was progressing through each stage in a matter of days, not weeks. Her pee would sometimes hit the white seat and fall to the floor but I just kept reposititioning her front paws (litterraly mid stream) until she knew where to place them. I am happy to say that this morning I removed the green ring and she successfully pooped into the toilet just like the pictures in the brochure. Way to go AMORE!