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  • Cleaning Tips (Very Important)!

    August 13th 2016 | Red Stage

    Use of an enzymatic cleaner in the cleaning up of accidents and the Litter Kwitter is important in order to prevent cats using the floor or anywhere else out of the force of instinct and habit. An example of such a product is CSI URINE®, although there are other brands…

  • We reached the finish line in 12 days!

    August 13th 2016 | Success Stories

    Amore1, Orange County, CA This is my first ever post….to anything! But I just had to share my story. I adopted a domestic female short haired cat from the local animal shelter on 10-10-10. It was decided that she would be strictly an indoor cat and I was not looking…

  • 2 Kittens – Green stage in 48 days!

    August 13th 2016 | Green Stage

    User: Demmuffins, Location: Boston, MA Hi all, This is my first time posting. I’m just really excited and had to share my news! I have two kittens, Ben and Desmond, and we have just graduated to the green stage (on our 48th day)! So that’s just about 7 weeks. I…