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  • Basic Information on the Litter Kwitter® Stages

    August 13th 2016 | General Tips

    The 3 Stages of Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training The Litter Kwitter is designed to train your cat by small increments to use the toilet. Any litter-trained cat can be trained to use the toilet. Over a series of small changes your cat will gradually begin to use the toilet…

  • Tips for Litter Kwitter® Training by Dr. Jo Righetti Ph.D, Animal Behaviourist & Consultant.

    August 13th 2016 | General Tips

    1. Go at your cat’s pace If the progression through the Litter Kwitter stages is not going as quickly as you would like, it might help to remember that cats are individual characters with different personalities. While some cats welcome new experiences, most dislike being rushed or pushed into something….

  • Behaviour Correction

    August 13th 2016 | Behaviour | General Tips

    There are many times that people have been driven to frustration is the course of toilet training their cat(s). This is understandable. Cats can be hard to communicate with, and as with any training process it can be a stressful time for both cat and owner. “Accidents” along the way –…

  • Some General Tips

    August 13th 2016 | General Tips

    Further to some of the other troubleshooting solutions given in this section, here are some ideas that can really help;  A stepping stool near the toilet bowl is a great idea if your cat is hesitant to use the Litter Kwitter at any stage. This gives your cat the ability…