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Great ideas don’t invent themselves. Here’s how the award-winning Litter Kwitter became the world’s no.1 cat toilet training system.

How Litter Kwitter came about

Back in 2004 a young Australian family adopted a Burmese kitten and named him Doogie. Doogie was an absolute delight – playing, meowing, nuzzling, eating and purring. But there were a few not so delightful ‘ings too, like scratching, whining and worst of all, toileting: the dreaded litter box.

One day Doogie’s family went to see the comedy movie ‘Meet the Parents’ that features a cat trained to use the household toilet rather than the litter box. They thought: “What a great idea, we’ll train Doogie to do that!”

A few months and several mishaps later Doogie was toilet-trained and the Litter Kwitter was born. The first prototypes were little more than toilet seats with pieces of plastic screwed on, but after consulting animal behaviourists and cat psychologists for advice to ensure the device and training worked with the cat’s natural instincts the Litter Kwitter finally took shape.

Early prototypes were tested with vets and cat owners to finalise the methodology before the final product was launched to the world in 2005. Now in it’s 12th year the Litter Kwitter has trained over one million cats worldwide and is the proven solution to litter box misery.