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Some General Tips

13th August 2016 | General Tips

Further to some of the other troubleshooting solutions given in this section, here are some ideas that can really help;

 A stepping stool near the toilet bowl is a great idea if your cat is hesitant to use the Litter Kwitter at any stage. This gives your cat the ability to jump up and survey what’s on top of the toilet before committing to the act of getting onto the Litter Kwitter. If close enough, the cat can even use the stool to place their paws on whilst “going”, encouraging them to correctly position themselves over the hole.

 Some people have found that placing random objects on the floor around the toilet has dissuaded their cats from using the floor to do their business instead of the Litter Kwitter. This works by limiting the area that the cat has to.

 Sandpaper or Aluminium foil also has this effect, but because the cats don’t like the texture of these materials beneath their paws.

 If your cat is “holding on” to avoid using the Litter Kwitter, try mixing some chicken stock in with their water. This will encourage them to drink more, because they like the taste, and thus hasten their need to “go” (NB- WHERE they then go, though hopefully in the LK, is another story)! This is a good tip if you are concerned that your cat’s reluctance to wee or poo may cause health problems, and your cat is very stubborn!

Here are some more tips & tricks for you to download.