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    Unread August 24th 2008, 01:25 AM
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    Default My stubborn little rogue!

    I had two lovely tabby cats, mother and daughter. They both did very well using the LK. They started with a week with the red disc next to the toilet followed by about three weeks on the toilet. We progressed to the amber stage but they weren't too happy so we went back to red for a week and then back to amber. It was interesting that Mum would seem to be making the most progress, then daughter, then Mum, then daughter. They were both doing really well. They would come and fetch me when they'd been so that I could praise them and give them a treat! I got the multi kat kit to try and get them onto the green stage (I tried but had to go back to amber). Daughter seemed ready but Mum wasn't.

    Then Mum had a stroke and had to be put to sleep.

    A week later we tried daughter with the first green stage and she took to it like a duck to water, straightaway.

    We're having real problems with her now though. She's been on the first green stage for about three months as she started pooing on the floor. She's good with the green disc and gets the hole about 75% of the time. She will not use the disc to wee if it is dirty.

    She has a footstool to help her jump up (Mum never bothered with that). Last night I caught her in the middle of the night perched on the edge of the footstool having a wee into mid-air. I was lucky(?!) enough to have time to grab a load of toilet roll to catch it or the carpet would have got it!!!! YUK

    I've tried going back to the amber disc but she seems to prefer first stage green - as long as there is litter. No litter - no go-go!

    I think her main problem is that she doesn't realise she has to get all four paws on the white seat. She only seems to manage front paws or front paws and one back paw at most. What can I do to encourage her? If I am there and asking her, she will poo for me but I'm at work during the day.
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    Unread August 25th 2008, 01:23 PM
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    I wouldn't worry too much about paw placement as long as she is aiming towards the centre. As she progresses she will run out of room to put her feet anywhere else apart from the white bit and all should be OK.

    I too have the issue of no litter, no go, so that is my next struggle of trying to get from green to white... maybe I will just have to compromise and stay on green. We'll see.

    Good Luck
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