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    Unread July 11th 2008, 12:39 PM
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    Default 2 cats now on green stage

    I have two cats, Papi (Poppy) and Nia, that are about 2 years old now. I started training them on the Litter Kwitter a few months ago. They had absolutely no issue with the red disk and I was so thrilled that I had absolutely convinced myself this would be a breeze (big mistake! - it only led me to be more disappointed when I encountered issues with the amber stage).

    Because I was so sure my cats were geniuses, and I got a little too excited, I did rush a bit going to the amber stage. Unfortunately, my cats didn't take to it as quickly, and I woke up at 4:30 am to Papi urinating all over me. NOT FUN! So I switched right back to the red stage for about 3 more weeks. When I returned to the amber, they still didn't take to it, but at least I didn't get peed on again. Nia was fine urinating in the amber disc immediately but we had about a week of accidents with her defecating elsewhere (her favorite spot in the kitchen pantry, which thankfully was easily cleaned since it wasn't carpet). Finally I began taking her into the bathroom and sitting her on the toilet when it was near her normal bathroom time (I didn't lock her in as I was afraid it would traumatize her, and I didn't want her to be scared of the bathroom) and eventually (with a lot of love and patience), she got the hang of it. She did have a few accidents after that, but never two days in a row, and she's now been using it without any mishap for about three weeks. Papi had a harder time than Nia taking to it right away (urinating and defecating elsewhere) for a couple weeks, but after he started using it, he had no more relapses.

    Now I've finally moved on to the green disc. About 20 seconds after I changed it, Nia jumped right up and urinated down the hold. Papi hasn't used it yet, but I'm hoping this transition will go smoother than the transition to the amber disc. I will take him in shortly to see if he seems comfortable with it. Wish me luck! I can now see an end in sight and I cannot wait to be done with litter all together!
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    Unread September 9th 2008, 03:57 AM
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    Default Thank you.

    Thank you so much kristi for your story. It is EXACTLY what I am going through right now with my boys Pippin & Gimli. Although, when I got peed on, I could not tell who the culprit was as I was sleeping. As soon as I got peed on, whoever it was hopped off the bed very quickly because they knew they were in trouble. And that happened when I moved to the Amber too quickly too.

    I thought that since my boys were really smart that they would breeze right through the stages, and I was so sadly disappointed. And when I introduced the LK to my boys, I didn't realize what I was doing, but I slammed them with so much "NEW" things, I brought in this new "litter box", I brought them new kitty litter (the flushable natural stuff), and I was now pushing them on the pan (which they hate!!!!!!!!) They can not have anyone watching them when they go. I have to be sneaky. If I hear them scratching around, I have to go across the hall to my bedroom and shut the door and just kind of peek out of the door. If they catch me watching, they will hop off and not come back until they have 100% privacy.

    But generally, it looks as though both boys are balancing pretty well. Pippin used to go poop with one leg up for some reason. He would have his two back legs down for balance, and then he has one front paw holding himself up, and the other is up in the air, as if he was about to shake your hand. Thankfully he doesn't do that anymore, or else going to the toilet would be a real balancing act.

    Since all of the accidents (peeing on me, pooping behind the bathroom door and around the bathroom) I have moved exceptionally slow. I started out with putting the pan back on the floor, then raising it slowly. I put a couple phone books under the pan, now I am at a box that is about equivalent to 4-5 phone books. I am just terrified about getting peed on again. I sleep with the door closed now too for extra security.

    I am just so ready for this to be all over!!! Thanks again Kristi for your story, please keep me posted on your story.
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