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    Unread May 9th 2008, 08:27 PM
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    Default Proud Mother of Twin Devon Rex's

    I'm just writing to let everyone know how proud I am with my kittens at their successes with toilet training. I have brother & sister Devon Rex's, the boy is Nova and girl is Lilly. We brought our babies home with they were 13 weeks old and started training them with the LK within the first week.

    The worst stage I would have to say was the red stage. The kittens were so used to having lots of litter to scratch around and bury their waste and with the red disc being so shallow, every time the cats went to the toilet I would have to clean the disc. There was litter all around the bathroom. If you can get through this stage, the hardest part is done.

    I tried the normal amber disc, without much success. I didn't want to put much stress on the kittens so I went back to the red disc and ordered the multi-kat discs. BEST thing I ever did!!!!

    Never at any stage have I tried to quicken the process of toilet training my twins. They have been with us for just over 8 weeks and we are now on inter green stage.

    Even when Lilly got de-sexed I'd thought she might regress and I was mindful of not stressing her out.

    Throughout the entire time Nova has NEVER made a mistake or gone anywhere he shouldn't. Lilly on the other hand throught the bean bag was a good option for a wee once!!!! Lilly will occassionally do a #2 on the floor near the toilet, when she does I just ignore it and she knows.

    On the amber stage Lilly would do her wee's straight through the hole, but Nova would often aim for the disc. Now that I have moved to the intergreen he can't wee on the rim and it now goes straight down the hole too!!!!

    My biggest tips are: always treat and make a huge fuss everytime they use the toilet, utilise the inter-discs, feed only twice a day to regulate when they use the toilet.

    We hardly use any kitty litter, the LK is so clean, the only cleaning I need to do is to FLUSH the toilet. We are just so proud of our twins.

    Thanks Jo for a great system.
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    Unread May 9th 2008, 10:08 PM
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    glad to hear your twins are doing so well I have twins too but of the human kind I do however have a ragdoll he is now 19 weeks old and Has been using the lk since he was 14 weeks old. Touch wood we have not had a single problem and I will move him to the green disk next week.

    I am letting him have an extra week on the amber cause he has just been neutered and I didn't want to stress him again. hope your little ones keep up the good work I agree with your training system slow and steady with lots of praise I feel is the key. Yep the red stage was a pain ,amber is cruising , green to go!

    I can't agree more that it is certainly very clean and huge saving on not having to buy kitty litter every week.
    regards milo
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