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    Unread February 18th 2008, 12:42 AM
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    Question Water loving cat is playing in the water I set out to keep her from having accidents

    I have two cats, and one is doing great and goes the toilet and wants to move on. The other is being impossible! I have done to obstacle course and she got on top of things and peed and pooed on them. I have put out trays of water and at first she just played in them then ran and slept on my pillow (Wet cat ug)! Now she has figured out a way to actually pee in the water trays! They are mostly small litter trays with just a little water in them, and the other day I noticed the water was yellow! She will go on the toilet during the red stage just fine, and obviously has no issues with water! (Has even been known to jump into the shower with me. She doesn't seem to know she is a cat.) Why won't she go on the toilet once I move to a stage with a hole in it? I have the additional kit with the extra small hole now even! I am considering putting a box back out for her, but my other cat is doing so well with the training i am afraid she will go back to it if it is there. I am so torn. Any advice?
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    Unread January 7th 2009, 10:37 AM
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    Red face something to try

    my cat also loved playing with the water and everything else he learned how to move. but now we have found get off spray , available from pet stores, it's brilliant. the smell stops them from going in their usual place, i know it wont stop her from being scared of the new tray but once her smell is gone she may b e more willing to compromise and try it.

    hopefully u find something that works, i would keep trying and give praise and treats to the cat who is using it, pref as they are still on tray, she may realise that if she wants some she will need to go on, i would also praise for jumping up on to it, after some time and patience, she may well decide to go. good luck!
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