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    Unread January 6th 2008, 04:34 AM
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    Unhappy Pharoah & Puff-a-lump

    I have two boys Pharoah and Puff-a-lump they're both rescued kittens now there about 7 months old. I had to stay on the Red stage for 4 weeks. I have just recently put on the Amber stage and Pharoah is doing excelent he already has 4 feet on the seat when he eliminates as he had from day two.

    But, Puff-a-lump is extremly anxious for example at night he comes to the side of the bed and meows at me to get up, walk into the bathroom with him and wait about 4.5 minutes so he can jump up on the toilet to urinate.
    He will only use the toilet if i am in the room; when i am not in the room he will go on the floor! I did start giving him a treat with the wmber stage. (half a pounce)

    He also deficates on the floor instead of the LK with this stage. Its only been a week on the Amber stage but he needs to catch up.

    I definately feel like im in a struggle. Does anyone have any advice??
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    Unread January 9th 2008, 12:35 PM
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    Instead of completely going back to the Red stage, try stacking the trays on top of eachother. Put the Amber tray over the Red tray.

    I got the Intermediate Amber tray from the Multi Kat Kit for one of my 7-month-old kittens who is much slower and apprehensive about the hole. I had to put the Red try underneath because she was still too preoccupied with the hole being there. I did this 3 days ago and she looks less stressed.

    You can see the picture of what I did on my blog: http://tctraining.blogspot.com/

    Hope that helps get your kitten advance a bit better. You may also want to consider getting the Intermediate trays--they have smaller holes.
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