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    Unread July 3rd 2007, 06:54 AM
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    Default More issues with green

    Over the past few weeks, my kitty has been fine with peeing in the green disc, but refuses to poo in it. She will hold it for a few days and then try to slink off and find another place to go. I have caught her and held her on the LK while she finishes, and then praised her and gave her a treat, so I know she knows where she is supposed to go.

    I was getting frustrated and considering going back to amber. To add to that, today my daughter left a towel on the floor and she peed on that! She has been consistently peeing in the LK the whole time! I thought she was okay with that.

    So now I'm not sure what to do. Go back to amber? Stay on green but be more diligent about watching her so there are no accidents? Also, will I always have to watch her and make sure nothing is left out....forever?? Or will this eventually become natural to her? I stripped my bathroom of everything (rugs, shower curtain, towels, etc) when we began this process and I don't mind it for now, but I would like to eventually be able to have a rug down without worrying about it.

    Advice, comments, suggestions? Please?
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    Unread August 20th 2007, 10:58 AM
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    Smile some suggestions

    Check out my post " I have discovered something" in this forum.
    Let me know if it works, or what happened.

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    Unread June 20th 2008, 01:30 PM
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    Argh! I am having the exact same problems that crikket was having last year. My devon boy was doing great on the green stage and then all of a sudden, he will pee on anything left where he can reach it, and poos on the tiles right beside the toilet. If there is nothing in the bathroom, he will happily pee on the toilet though. Crikket,did you eventually overcome this problem? If so, how? I am so sick of cleaning up poo and it is really making it hard with 3 small children as well. I tried leaving poo in the toilet for him but with no success. Any help would be appreciated. I am desperate.
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