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    Unread June 17th 2012, 11:11 PM
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    Default Cat started pooing on the floor

    Hello everyone.

    I just bought Litter Kwitter 6-7 weeks ago. I started training with Porta Pines litter. I started with the red stage ofc. and after a few days i moved it up to the toilet. They did perfect.

    When they had done perfect in 2 weeks, we moved on to the amber stage. My kitten Pixi had some troubles with shitting on our toilet, but in a weeks he moved hes poo to the litter. Naler wich is my oldest cat, a 4 years old female cat, started peeing directly in the toilet through the hole. I'm not sure about she have been pooing directly in there, because Pixi likes to scrape all the litter into the hole.

    Two weeks ago i had to get new litter and ordered Pet's Dream Paper Pure, wich is Soft paper fibers like non-clumping litter. I changed my porta pine litter with the Dream paper pure litter, and they still did perfect for like a week. Suddenly one morning i woke up, and on my bathroom floor in the shower, a poo lay there stinking. I removed it and cleaned it with warm water. Next morning the same and the morning after, the same. I started wondering about it was a too big change, that i changed the litter after they only had been on the amber stage for a week or so, so for a few days ago, i put on the red stage, for letting them have a chance to get to know the litter, before moving back to amber stage. The next day i woke up a poo was laying in my kitchen and so the next day .. and today, i woke up to a poo again.

    What am i doing wrong? i am sure its my oldest cat, the female one because.. well you just learn to know your cats poo consistence (groose, but true). She's still peeing on litter kwitter and on the amber stage she still did through the hole. Shes never standing on the litter... do you guys think the might not like the new litter? i mean, they have almost always been on clumping litter, and this is just.. big paper fiber balls.

    I am frustrated to wake up to a poo day after day. I have tried to get her to feel comfortable out there, by putting her on the toilet and cuddle with her, give her treats and so on. Can she might have had a bad backslashing experience, when she was pooing? what am i gonna do ?

    Warmest greetings of the prodigal cat owner
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    Unread June 18th 2012, 09:58 PM
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    Default I am having the same trouble :(

    Hiro ,,my 2 and a half year old ,was using the amber stage with assistence from me lifting her up there and repositioning her ,, but now has stopped and begun pooing on the toilet floor .She has been on amber stage 2 weeks now the 1st week going well and now ,,not so well .Not sure wether to return to red stage or continue to give her more assistence again by lifting her up there and sitting with her again . She seems to be holding her need to go untill after I go to bed .I have tried to stay up and wait for her ,,but I can never stay awake long enough Surely its not normal for cats to go only once at night .Once at night being 1 pee and 1 pooh. I'm not sure if my persistence is making her avoid the litter kwitter out of annoyance .
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    Unread July 4th 2012, 06:08 PM
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    Changing the litter is a big deal, so is amber - changing both at the same time might be a disaster - when accidents start to happen the training only gets harder and it takes time getting back on track...The best thing would be to go back to red with lots of the old litter - slowely mixing it with some of the new litter (if you have to use a different litter)...

    Here is a thread about how often some cats use the toilet: http://www.litterkwitter.com/forums/...ead.php?t=3413
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