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    Unread May 16th 2012, 06:39 PM
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    Unhappy Failing after the green stage ;o(


    I need some help.

    We've start training Lilou (korat) at her arrival at her place, she was 4months so we thought it would be much easier to train her at that time.

    Everything went perfectly well, we always had 1-2 accidents after each new step, but she finally always understood it and got to do it well.

    We've spent about 9 weeks in total to train her from red to green, we've extended some of the steps to make sure she was comfortable with it.

    On Sunday may 6th we've decided that it was now time to completely remove the litterkwitter has she's been on the green stage for 3 weeks.
    Pee were fine, but she never got to poop in the toilet.
    She finally got used to poop on the sofa, and pee once a day there as well (and once a day in the toilet). as our sofa isn't in leather, we've protected with plastic and paper but now, she only poop and pee on it... i think we made it way too nice for her, she feels like the sofa is her new toilets.

    we keep bringing her to the toilet many times a day, anytime i feel she wants to go, i'm going with her and position her right, but she does nothing and wait for us to be either in our beds or at work to do it on the sofa.

    So 2 days ago i've decided to go back to green step... but... no, she keeps doing on the sofa.

    Any clue on how i could change that?

    i've tried vinager on the sofa, but doesn't seem to annoy her enough to not go there. Our Vet also told us that if we bring food on the sofa, she won't pee/poop there as they don't like having a dirty food place... we've tried that... but no... she doesn't mind ;o(


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    Unread May 18th 2012, 04:06 AM
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    Default Some additional ideas...

    An enzyme cleaner may be better than vinegar, but needs to really soak in to the fabric/cushions. A professional fabric cleaner may be needed in addition to the topical enzyme cleaner. Supposedly, the enzyme cleaner negates the amonia smell that attracts them back to a spot. Maybe going back to the amber stage will remind her of what is correct. I'm trying tinfoil as a diversion tactic, but not completely successful either (maybe use it to cover the couch).
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    Unread May 18th 2012, 08:06 PM
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    Thanks redleaf.

    actually we have tried to put many small plates with her food on the sofa and it finally worked out, she came back to the toilet (with the green stage).

    i'll stay at this stage for 10-15 days i think and then, i will try to remove it again ;o)
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    Unread May 19th 2012, 04:08 AM
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    What kind of plastic do you have on the sofa?, I have heard that a tarp mat or shower curtain should be uncomfortable for cats to walk on....

    Getting your cat all the way to green in just 9 weeks is very fast, I think you need to go slower - some cats do good almost all the way because they want to please us, but push too hard and they will resist anything you try....I think you should give it alot more time and try the cardboard method so the changes are so small that your cat won't notice it and be more willing to cope with the training... Remember that you are teaching a habit, not a trick and that takes time to get ingrained...Good luck and keep us posted

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