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    Unread July 23rd 2011, 12:13 AM
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    Thumbs up Old City Kitties

    Hello fellow ailurophiles,

    I have two wonderful kitties that are learning the potty and doing very well. We started in October with a homemade version. That worked pretty well, for a time. They were jumping up on the toilet and were getting used to less and less litter. Then one day we hit a wall. Nothing was working anymore; we were on the road to regressing all the way back to the litter box. I decided that this was something I wanted to finish and my mom always says you need the right tools to get the job done. So that brings me here.

    We started only week ago; Umbra (2.5 year old male DHS) got it right away, no problems. Lucy (2 year old female Lynx Point Siamese) however did not get it or didnít want to. She would hold it until I had to go to work then when I would get home there would be a nice little pile in the corner of the bathroom. Now I was getting really frustrated, we had invested 10 months and now $40 on this. I talked to my professional animal trainer friends and they just kept telling me not to give up, these things take time, regression is normal, all true but not necessarily helping ease my frustration. Now at this time I had not watched the included DVD, I figured it wasnít going to tell me anything I didnít already know. I was at my wits end; I decided to watch the DVD.

    Lucy likes to be the center of attention and knows when the computer comes out she is about to lose all of the attention. She likes to see what is more interesting then she is. She got herself right next to me so I could pet her while I was focused on the glowing box. As soon as the cats came on the screen her ears perked up, she turned around and appeared to be intently watching those other cats use the toilet. She called to them, went behind the computer to see if they were back there, and then settled in to watch with me. She sat through the whole DVD with me.

    After it was over I took her down to the cat bathroom (lucky me I live in a house mid renovation with a third bathroom that will eventually, after all cats are trained, will be redone) and put her on the potty (red ring). She dug around a little and right then and there did her first potty in the potty. I was so excited I made a post of Facebook about it. We have been doing great, no accidents so far (knock on wood). I will keep you all posted on the progress.

    Meghan, Lucy, and Umbra
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    Unread July 23rd 2011, 01:11 AM
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    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    What a nice story, I have heard that happen with one other person so I guess they really do watch and they are smart Unfortunatly my cat's don't care about TV

    Anyway, Good luck!!!
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