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    Unread April 17th 2011, 01:14 AM
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    Default Help 1 Cat Will and 1 wont

    So I have 2 cats one has no issues at all using the LK, while the other one goes #1 in the Lk but not #2. The seconds cat will sometimes use it but its very few far and in between. I have tried using a enzyme cleaner and locked the cat in the bathroom and even put a bowl of water in the corner that she usually goes in. Today she pooped like a inch away from the bowl.

    I had tried foil awhile back and it worked for the most part. The one cat would not poop on it but would instead poop in the middle of the bathroom. I have a feeling the cat is doing it on purpose i dont know why, but Last night i saw my cat doing the potty dance in and out of the bathroom on the web cam i have set up, but would not go as i am getting up to go check on her she starts pooping on the carpet outside of the bathroom and when she see's me she takes off running and then stops to finish pooping then runs underneath the couch. Almost as if she knew it was wrong to do.

    I have tried different litters I have waited for her for 2 or three hours inside the bathroom yet she wont go and when i leave she poops. I tried using some catnip to lure then near the toilet no success. I am at the end of my rope and do not want to give up but its driving me crazy. I am going to take the cat on Monday to the vets for a checkup make sure nothing is wrong. I think its crazy that no matter what I do the cat seems defiant. Short of putting 100 bowls of watter and making it so hard for the cat to find a spot on the bathroom floor idk.

    The incident today my Fiance went in to clean the LK after the problem cat went #1 in the LK leaves the room and within a second the cat walks over to the bowl and poops right next to the bowl. I have scrubbed the floor with the enzyme cleaner 2 or 3 times. I have used a black light to see if there is anything on the floor. We have tried the treat method every time she does something good on the LK she gets a treat but no matter what still will not poop on the LK.

    I have read the many suggestions but i honestly do not know what to do. I am not going to give up it is just very frustrating and stressful to have to worry about 1 cat always pooping on the floor, while the other one is close to flawless.

    Any suggestions would be a blessing.
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    Unread April 17th 2011, 03:58 AM
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    What stage are you on? Red on the floor or the toilet?, amber?, green?

    If the foil worked maybe you can cover the entire floor with it and tape it down so it's not possible to move around? Have you tried double sided tape or sandpaper?

    I tried to use something like catnip and it worked the other way around, the smell was too strong and she couldn't find her own scent and went on the floor...

    Are you cleaning the LK too much or too little? I think it's important that it's not dirty, but if it's too clean the cat will not smell it's scent and go elsewhere...Maybe mix some of the used litter with fresh litter...

    I have done the potty dance too many times and all I can see is that is making me tired and angry and not getting anywhere...She will use it when I'm there, but not when I'm gone...They don't do it because they are bad, but because they don't feel safe and they are trying to tell you that...You have to figure out what you can do to get your cat feel safe again and change things very slowely...It's hard to say what the problem is when I don't know what stage you are struggeling with...

    I have three cat's on the green stage with a bit of litter and have struggled through changing litter brand, amber stage, green stage and green without litter...We have gotten through all of the problems except the last one that I'm working on...

    I know that people say that you shouldn't keep the cat's in the bathroom at night, but I do and think that has helped one of the cat's...Miro went in every corner of the apartement for both #1 and #2...When I started to put him in the bathroom with his food and water he never did bad things in the bathroom, but in everyother room...I started to watch his every move when he tried going elsewhere when I was awake and when I saw him scartching the floor I locked myself in the bathroom with him and maked sure he used the LK and gave him treats. After a while he forgot about the other places in the apartement and have been good for about two months now, he even uses the regular toilet seats when he has the chance...I also think that buying a Feliway diffusor and put it in a socket in the bathroom worked for my boy...+ anything I could do to make him feel happy and safe with me....My girl that I have problems with always goes on the floor in the bathroom so I needed to make her feel safe and go back to the stage she felt comfortable or just give her more litter and she was fine...I also tried Feliway spray on the floor and she didn't want to go where I had sprayed, but it was a bit expensive to use it all the time and make sure that the whole floor was covered...Feliway diffusor didn't seem to work for her... My last cat has been a good boy almost the entire time...All cat's are different and require different methods to make them feel good and safe...

    By the way, here are some threads with good tips going from one stage to another:


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