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    Unread May 11th 2010, 03:54 PM
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    Exclamation training 2 cats...help!?

    we have only recently started training our 2 cats with the litter kwitter. 1(maddy 18months old) has taken to it REALLY well and has no trouble with it but the other (aasha 24months old) is a stubborn beast at the best of times and has only used the LK about 3 times. this has meant our ENTIRE house has copped the brunt of her aversion to the change. atm there are too many places that she has peed to single them out and actually clean properly. aasha has previously had issues with using the litter tray but that was cleared up after using cat pheromones for about 5-6months. we got the LK cos we were confined to using the ensuite before (with the litter tray in the main bathroom) and are expecting a bub at the end of june so we wanted to have the bathroom back!
    the worst bit is aasha has got to hav THE MOST pungent pee in the history of cats, maddy's doesnt smell anything like that and then the smell fades...but not aashas!!

    HELP! we are surrounded by the stench of pee!!
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    Unread May 13th 2010, 04:09 PM
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    Hi hun, I have two cats that I'm training, like you one was taking to it very well, they are both the same age and both sisters. One was hesitant to use it at first, so what we did was kept the cats in the bathroom that the litter kwitter was in overnight, after a few days she had no more accidents (her accidents were always in the bathroom though). After a few weeks on the red disk, we moved to the orange, but what I did was had the red one inside the toilet and the orange on the LK on top. Had it like that for a week or so, then took the red disk out of the toilet. At first when I did this, the problem one would pee on it and poop on the floor. So I started cleaning it more often, started watching her and everytime she went to squat to poop I'd grab her and put her on it, again at night they went in the bathroom. After a few weeks of no accidents I moved on to the green stage, which I am on now. I put the orange disk inside the toilet and the green on the LK. I had it like that for a week, my problem one had one or two accidents, then I took the orange one out. As soon as I did, she completely rebelled, she peed and pooped on the floor in the bathroom, and she even peed in a basket of clean clothes! Well desperate to fix her issue, as her sister was doing WONDERFULLY! Her sister is like day and night to her, she goes on the LK and meows for me to come in and see her, then she will go, and then meow for her reward (which are treats she goes crazy for). Now what I have done with the problem one the past 2 days is I put buckets, boxes, etc. around the toilet because that's where she pees and poops. I have of course their water and food dish in there. And she and her sister have space to lay down but that's it and to get to the LK on the toilet. At first it was okay, her sister was going just fine. Then the problem one started going around frantically like she had been holding it and looking for a place to go, so I kept an eye on her, and I would put her on the LK now and then, but nothing. I went upstairs to the bathroom that the humans use and I come down to her having the biggest puddle I ever seen of pee on my kitchen floor. So I cleaned the pee and put her in the bathroom and shut the door. I checked on her an hour later and there was a lovely pile of poop in front of her food dish (nice placing huh?). Well I am more stubborn than she is lol and I refuse to go backwards when her sister is doing so well. So the past day I put a 30 pound hand weight (the dumbbell kind) beside the food dish and I put her leash tied on it and I put her on the leash, the leash is at length where she can lay down, eat, drink, and get on the toilet and still has room to move on the toilet to do her business. But she does not have enough leash to get behind the toilet, get out of the bathroom, etc. I am doing this because her sister shouldn't be punished to the bathroom and the door shut just cause her sister is doing bad. Well all day this seems to have been the trick. She jumped on the toilet and meowed I come in there and she scratches a bit then positions herself and pees, so of course I give her plenty of praise and reward her with treats, an hour later she did the same thing, I go in there and she pooped in the toilet (both cats are aiming inside the hole on the green stage now). This time she got more praise and even more treats. And then 5 hours later she does it again, hops up and meows, then she pees. So so far I think this trick is working, and it's not effecting her sister, her sister has still been going on it and meowing for her treats too lol. I know this might sound harsh, but sometimes with the problem cats you have to be more severe. And no I'm not neglecting her, she gets food, water, and I sit in there with her every now and then and cuddle and pet her.

    Oh ever since the start of the training, the cats have not been allowed in the bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, or upstairs period. If you want them to go in a designated area, you got to limit them to where in the house they can go. But the main thing is to make sure you praise and treat them EVERYTIME they go! And make sure to clean the LK out each time. Hope this helps, and hope you figure it out hun, gl. Oh and I'm not sure if your cat is only peeing on the floor or is also doing it on furniture, mine never did it on furniture, only in the bathroom behind the toilet and in corners, mainly on the kitchen floor. And she peed on the bathroom rug the first few days, but I took that out. And if yours had problems with the litter box and needed the pheromones, maybe you should also put the pheromones on the LK? I don't know just a thought.

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