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    Unread April 11th 2010, 05:06 PM
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    Default Multi-cat poo on floor, urine in toilet

    Hi--I have three cats have who have been using the LK successfully--for urine--for a year. We've been using the seat alone without any of the internal rings for about 8 months and they're great at urinating in the toilet. The problem is that they won't defecate in it--nor will they defecate in a litter box. The reason I started trying out the LK in the first place was that I had the same problem; they would urinate in the litter box but would only defecate on the floor. It didn't matter how many litter boxes I had, what brand of litter or how clean I kept it. Now they urinate in the toilet and show me where their poo is so that I can clean it up. I tried putting it on the rings and they seemed to know what I was trying to do but they didn't care. I tried going back to the litter box a week ago and got an earful from the cats, one of whom ran back and forth from the toilet to the box, turned in circles, went back to the box and tried to balance on its edge, ran back and forth again, jumped up on the sink and screamed at me because he didn't seem to know what I wanted him to do. They only use the bathroom. The fact that there are three cats and only one bathroom in my apartment complicates many of the usual solutions people tend to suggest, particularly since that means I can't always tell who's responsible for the poo. What should I do? Does anyone have any ideas??
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    Unread April 15th 2010, 06:33 AM
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    I have found locking the slower pace cat in the bathroom at night or after they have eaten soft food helps to encourage them to use the LK when all other options have been taken away from them.
    EXo & Puddin (toilet training)
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