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    Unread April 8th 2010, 01:02 PM
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    Unhappy cats won't poop at all, but seem fine otherwise - how often should they poop?

    I've been trying to train my two cats (1 yr and 1.5 yrs) to use the Litter Kwitter, and it's been kind of weird lately.

    We got them to green after two months but then they regressed after we went on vacation and let them use a normal litter box. One cat got really upset when we came back and refused to poop on the green (although she would still pee on it). We moved back to orange, both pooped on it, and we thought everything was fine. Now I think it's been about two days since either of them has pooped. They're indoor cats, and we live in a moderate sized apartment, so we would be able to tell if they were using something else as a toilet. They're just not pooping. They're not acting upset, either, though. They're both eating and drinking a normal amount, they're both active and playful, they're both still very cuddly and seem happy.

    Maybe I shouldn't be worried, but... how can they not be pooping??? How often do your cats poop? Is going two days without pooping actually not that big a deal? I was under the impression they needed to poop at least once a day...
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    Unread April 9th 2010, 03:05 AM
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    My cats sometimes will hold their businesses in too, specially after they used the litter box when we came back from vacations. On number 2 they can hold up to 2 days+. One of my cats actually poops every 36-48 hrs. I normally won't let them hold more than 2 days. If you think they are holding too long, you can add some olive oil (1/2 teaspoon) in their food and they won't be able to hold. Or you take your cat into the bathroom and take out the litter box with some litter in it --hold the litter box and swift it around so that your cats can smell the fresh litter. You can scratch the litter box too. That normally generate the needs for your cat to poop. Don't let the cats use the litter box though. After a week or so, they should get back to normal. Make sure not to let them hold their poop into a habit. If they feel pain (be constipated) when they poop, they will relate it with the use of the LK and that will lead to accidents!
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