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    Unread December 16th 2009, 03:47 AM
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    Default Cats were doing fine on green stage and then --

    So both my cats were on the green stage, everything was going just fine....
    Until a few days ago, my cats have both been pooing on the ground. One morning, I woke up to my male cat with his whole body in the BAG of flushable litter scratching around in it. They have pooed on my purse, under the kitchen mat, and in the bathroom. I dont know why this is happening, they were both doing so great! My female has actually used the toilet while I was cleaning the LK, no LK on it at all! I thought they were both ready for green... maybe I should go back to amber?

    I have been training them since September.
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    Unread January 22nd 2010, 03:13 PM
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    I don't have an answer for you but you aren't alone.

    We had 2 cats going on green. (not often - they prefer to go outside) but one has taken to going in the other bathroom. It does seem to be if the toilet has been used, but it still seems wierd when we had no issues previously.

    I'm thinking that once we have them on no kwitter at all maybe they can use different loos?

    If anyone has a theory or some advice that would be great.
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    Unread January 23rd 2010, 02:03 AM
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    I had a similar problem when my cats were on the red disk on the toilet. They had both been using it perfectly for weeks when one day they both started digging around in the litter but not going, then one of them started going on the furniture, and the other was holding it in and wandering the house crying.

    It turns out that although we washed the LitterKwitter every day and always swept up the litter that got kicked onto the floor, this wasn't enough to keep the toileting area clean for them. I hauled out all the items that were around the toilet (that kept them from going back there), vacuumed, scrubbed the toilet inside and out, mopped the floor, and washed down the whole bathroom with an enzymatic cleaner. In my cleaning I found an old piece of litter-coated feces on the floor behind the toilet that was probably what the cats were objecting to. After my cleaning session, both cats went back to using the LitterKwitter perfectly.

    With my cats I find that they both want to use the LitterKwitter - they have positive experiences with it, it is kept clean, and they get lots of treats when we find them using it. If they decide to not use it, it is because there is something wrong with the LitterKwitter or toileting area. They are also copycats, so if only one cat has a problem, then the other one does too.

    As a first step I'd suggest investigating what might be wrong or different with the LitterKwitter.
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