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    Unread December 1st 2009, 04:49 AM
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    Default Don't give up! /advice

    Just a little message to encourage any of you out there who is thinking about giving up - please don't because you will get there!
    I bought my litter kwitter exactly a month ago (I just checked), and I went through a stage of getting frustrated and thinking it was a waste of money and nearly did give up & go back to the litter trays...but I'm glad I didn't because I've just came home from work to find a poo down the loo that wasn't there before! (I'm on the amber disk) this must mean they're actually starting to pee/poo down the hole! It's such a brilliant feeling.
    I originally got it because I don't have a car, so lugging heavy cat litter back from the supermarket all the time was a real nuisance for me. Also, the cost does add up and I don't have a lot of money. But the main thing was (I work), having 2 house cats - coming in from work and getting hit by the smell of cat wee, no matter how often I cleaned the trays out. So whilst at the vets for routine vaccinations, I asked the vet if she had heard of this and if she thought it would work. I was really surprised when she said yes and that quite a few of the cats they see have them and they actually work. I had just thought it was a bit of a money-making gimmick before until then. So I thought - you'll always wonder unless you try and I got one that day.
    I was really pleased and totally surprised when they used the red stage straight away with no problems. So after 2 days I put them straight on the amber stage - big mistake! They stopped using it immediately & started using the floor / bath (luckily only in the bathroom), I think they got freaked out by the hole, and after 1 day, I had to go back to the red stage. But, it had mucked things up big time, I had real problems getting them to go back to it. Luckily though after a lot of perseverance / cleaning up and getting really fed up of all the mess - I seriously nearly did give up - they did start using it again. Worst thing was, I had drilled holes in the red tray, to allow the pee to drain away and make it a bit nicer for them, so because I had to keep the tray on the floor for about a week after to get them to start using it again, that meant a lot of mess for me! Well about a week after starting back on red again they did start using it again, and I kept them that way for about 2 1/2 weeks. Then a week ago, I tried amber again. But, before I did it, I looked on this forum for as much advice as I could get and made sure I was as prepared as possible before trying again. And, it has actually worked! For the 1st few days, they were a bit wary, but when I first changed it over, I sat in the bathroom with them both for about 15 mins and gave them lots of cuddles and praise and kept putting them up on the tray and lightly pressing their bums so they'd go into the right position over the hole, and one of them did use it and got lots of praise, the other one (they're 2 young boys, quite competitive with one another) must have seen this because he tried to copy him after he came down, but wasn't ready yet. So I just kept an eye out all that night, and for the next few nights, and each time they ran upstairs to the loo, I followed them and did the same thing, encouraging them, holding them in the position and givig them lots of cuddles while they were in the position etc...
    The other 4 things I tried which have probably made it work properly - I got all this advice from this forum (some of them are really disgusting, but if it's only for a few weeks I don't mind)- were 1. I got a baby toilet training footstool (from the supermarket for a few ús) and have left it next to the loo. 2. I sellotaped a clear plastic CD wallet (the thin plastic ones, quite cheap to buy) to the bottom of it for the first few days to stop them being scared of the hole. 3. This is disgusting but must obviously work - I had got up one morning to find 2 separate different looking poos in different corners of my bathroom floor. It was obviously 1 from each cat. I smeared a bit of each around the inside rim of my toilet so it woudl smell of each of them. 4. Again something I find really horrible but it works. Whenever I did find a poo on the floor, I left it there. I currently have 3 separate ones there, from 1 cat, which have been lying for about 5 days, I'll leave them probably until tomorrow morning then remove them. At first, I could tell my cat as embarrassed about them, because he made the litter scratching motion they use to cover it up in the ground on thin air around them, and still does whenever he's there. But the advice is that if they know it'll lie there and not get cleaned up, they'll be more inclined to use the toilet.

    Sorry about this really long email, but I just wanted to share that with people, and the things I know definitely work, and how amazing it feels when you know it has started to work.
    To be honest, I will try to go on to the green stage later and try to remove it completely, but even if they never get past the amber stage, I will be really happy. My whole house will be a lot nicer to live in, and no unhygiebic litter hassle!!

    Good luck!!
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    Unread January 23rd 2010, 07:34 PM
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    Thanks for the post.
    It really helps.
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    Unread April 17th 2010, 05:28 AM
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    Wow I am sitll waiting on mine to come in, and I have been wondering and worried about the what ifs and I haven't even started yet.

    I am goign to take away one the boxes and leave the one in the bathroom it's already beside the toilet and has flushable littre in it. my cats play around in the toilet sometimes already but I think if there is a new thing on top of the toilet they will either investigate what it is or completely ignore it.

    smearing thier poo in the toilet seem about right becuase they kknow it's spot to be in . Whenever I clean the littre box right now my litte cat 1 year will use it right away after 1 scoop of littre has been put in place.

    2 of my cats have manages to balance themselves to drink from the bathroom sink so I already have some level of hope they can balance on a toilet. I am properly have a lot of doubts which they could probably sense.

    I just hope when littre kwitter comes in I will not have so many.
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    Unread April 17th 2010, 10:36 AM
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    Default by the same token...

    I worry sometimes that we set a lot of people to feel like they have failed if it doesn't work, so (and I know I'll get a lot of flak for this):

    It is time to give up when this experience compromises your relationship with your cat to the point that you seriously consider giving her up.

    We have been at the LK for just over 17 months with our three cats. All three of them get it, and no longer need the green ring. One uses the LK uncomplainingly, another uses it as long as the bathtub isn't available, but will happily sneak in the occasional pee or poo in the bathtub drain if possible for sheer fun. The third cat hates the thing. She'll use the LK white frame perfectly if I am watching, and will go in front of the toilet if I am not. She will vary her schedule to make sure I am not watching and I am sick of having her locked up for long periods of time. That's it. It's as basic as that.

    We're debating -- we can either go back to a litter box for at least a while because it is exhausting to just think about your cats' toileting needs for that long while both they and we get older, or we reconcile ourselves to wiping the occasional accident from the floor. We are actually contemplating changing our bathroom flooring because the old one is hard to clean and may retain odors, sabotaging the cat. There is double sided tape on the floor, and obstacle courses etc. My bathtub is frequently left with water in it, there are random objects blockading the floor, and we have tried every solution imagined on this forum. I am sick of it.

    This morning, when we looked at our three cats and thought of how easy our life would be if only the problem cat was not around, we realized this LK obsession might have gone a bit too far, and it may be time to quit. So if anyone is where we are and actually is ready to give up ... I'm just writing to tell you that it's OK if you have to. Life does go on, you still have your health (hopefully) and your healthy cat, and maybe sometimes we should be happy with that.
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