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    Unread October 29th 2009, 04:19 PM
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    Smile Going well + some hints and tips

    I would like to encourage LK users to not give up and keep trying, there is usually a reason as to why your cat won't use the LK... you just need to think like your cat and then find a remedy. I started my 2 cats on the LK when they were 4 months old and now 4 months later they are both almost completely off the green stage. As per the norm, one cat was brilliant, he probably could have been trained under 8 weeks, the other struggled. Here are some tips that I put into practice that might help with your cats.

    1. Always start off slow and be prepared to stay on a stage longer then the others if necessary.

    2. Buy the extra disks - they make a world of difference when progressing to the next stage.

    3. If your cat pees in the loo but poos on the floor like my fussy boy did, be prepared to clutter up your bathroom. I filled the bath with some water (for 4 months straight), block off your shower and I purchased flower pot water trays and put these around the toilet (for 3 months straight) It was a bit of a nuisance for the humans as at one point they had to extend past the loo and be around the vanity and bath area, but we persevered and it did the trick. If your cat goes in the water, put some strong smelling disinfectant in, don't worry they won't drink it. We also put double sided tape on the trays - this worked very well too but I found maintaining the water trays easier. Also, if you are at the beginning, even though the disk is much smaller then a litter tray, give them lots of kitty litter, it will make them feel better. You will have more mess to clean up, but keep the end goal in mind - one day you will have no litter at all!

    4. Buy a dremel and shave off a couple of mm each weekend when you get to the amber and green stages (when we thought he was ready, cutting off that rim was a big step and I’m glad we thought of doing it as my fussy boy used it to keep his balance and therefore it became a crutch) or even better.. (if I had to this again) I would just put a hole in the red disk and slowly cut it away over the weeks. I agree with others, I think some cats notice the change in coloured disks and it concerns them. The plastic disk is very strong and can easily withstand the small pressure from the dremel.

    5. If your cat pees on the bed etc while you are out.. the most simple and effective thing is to restrict the room they have. My cats have their own bedroom, the hallway and the bathroom when we are not home. Don't leave clothes etc lying around.

    6. You'll have to be aware of your cats habits, it is ideal if you know when your cat likes to go to the loo, this may mean restricting him to two meals a day.

    7. If you cat doesn't like splash back, then put some toilet paper in the bowl.

    8. Always keep the LK very clean, my cats now yowl for me to come clean up if they need to go. Don't forget to disinfect regularly.

    9. With my fussy boy, I waited until he started to do his business and then moved his feet while he was going (he still doesn't understand why he has to face forward but his backward routine is working, so I won't try to reverse him... but I will put his foot up on the white rim to encourage him to do all feet up.)

    10. Even when you only have a little bit of the rim to go, still put a couple of teaspoons of kitty litter on the rim. My fussy boy went a whole week before he decided he still wanted some kitty litter. It is an easy thing to do knowing that I am so close to removing the last disk. The worst thing would have been for me to not give him what he wanted and then have him start snuffling around on the floor again.

    11. For cats who are small or won't jump up on the toilet, buy a small foot stool... once again... a bit of a nuisance for the humans but the cats really appreciate it and use it every time. They are nervous jumping straight onto the toilet.

    12. Always praise your cat but also let them know when they have done wrong if you can catch them at it - a deep voice and/or a spray water bottle has worked very well in my home.

    If you really want this to work then you'll put the effort in, it may mean you have to change your routine and even change your bathroom around a bit (my bathroom acquired the nickname of 'the lake' by my friends because of the amount of water in there) but it 100% worth the effort. I and my family are nearly there and I feel comfortable that once the green disk comes out, there will be no reverting to bad behavior, my fussy boy 'gets it' now and all the stress is gone.

    All the best!

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    Unread November 11th 2009, 03:16 PM
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    Update: Last weekend the green disk came out altogether (ahead of our planned date), I put a couple of the water trays down by the toilet and added some water to the bath just as a reminder to them and even I was amazed at how quickly both cats adjusted. My fussy boy somehow manages to still put a back foot on the white rim but he is totally unfazed by the change. I still put a couple of granules of kitty litter on the white rim to keep them happy but I just can't believe we are finally at the white stage.

    To all KW users... don't give up!

    Recognise what distresses your cat if he is nervous but also out think your cat if he is just being stubborn.
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    Unread February 25th 2010, 02:38 PM
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    Ok, here is the latest update. A new kitten was bought into the house and I had him up on the toilet at 10 weeks. I'm lucky in that he is a very outgoing and confident cat, having said that we have experienced a few hiccups. Here is what I am doing to help him along:

    Water pans down the side of the toilet, after a while I let these dry out by themselves, you may need to top up but in the end the cats get so used to the idea of them being full of water, they donít consider that place to be a toileting option. The pans have been removed for the last 2 weeks and to reinforce the idea that the floor is not for toileting, I spray a product called Exit Mould in the corners - it has an incredibly strong smell and the cats won't go near it, I also spray Glen 20, another strong smelling product but not as offensive (I also spray this over the drain). I have really good success with the process. I also have a large box for them to use as a stool, as the kitten gets bigger I will replace it with a small stool.

    Once I got to the amber stage (I recommend buying the extra disks), rather then change disks I started to shave back the original disk approx 5 mm each weekend - this way I could keep an eye on all of them to make sure they were not put out too much.

    I have kept the disk at about a width of 4cm as the kitten - Kristopher, became confused when we had a visitor stay over (he peed on his bedding and on the lounge) I believe animals will forget that they can pee on the lounge etc if you take it away from them for a certain amount of time... itís working, so far we have had no more accidents.

    I also lock the cats out of the lounge area until the kitten has peed, then he is allowed into the other rooms with lots of praise... After toilet training 3 cats for the past year I have to say I am completely in tune with their routine. It certainly pays off.
    Here is another useful hint that I have figured out, when the kitten was having trouble deciding whether or not to go to the toilet, I would close the door and trickle water out of the tap - works every time (sometimes it takes a little longer but it still works if he is exhibiting that right behaviour) If he was being particularly stubborn, I would make him stay in the bathroom while I showered. Itís funny as I have had two cats jump up on the toilet on a few occasions and squat even though they didn't need to go - just to please me and for them to be let out. I also refilled the bath and keep them out of the shower Ė not easy as my shower doesnít have a door.

    The older boys have done really well second time round and I feel confident that my Ďtroubleí older boy will now have no more issues with using the human toilet.

    Iím going to shave a bit more off the disk this weekend but continue to keep the kitten out of the living rooms until he has peed, I really want him to forget that he can actually pee wherever he wantsÖ he still scratches around outside the bathroom but so far always decides to come to the bathroom.

    Kristopher is now 20 weeks, I do believe if he hadnít been confused by our visitor staying over then he would be completely trained within 8 weeks. Iím keen for it to be finished but I am prepared to continue at his pace.

    Good luck to everyone Ė donít give up. I trained to young cats and then 1 kitten with 1 bathroom.
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