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    Unread August 27th 2009, 07:44 PM
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    Default Sigh!

    Hi there, been having some issues already...started the LK about 2 weeks ago. Everything was fine and well on the red stage until today.

    I live in a one bedroom apt, I have three cats,

    one female (1 year) and my star! She could probably go onto the amber stage, as I see her on the LK frequently.

    two males (3 years), who today decided to pee on the clothes on my floor, a box in my closet, and multiple times on my bed, which I discovered an hour and a half ago when I crawled into bed, intending to sleep.

    The wash is running now, and I am wide awake at 3:42 am waiting for the enzymatic cleaner to sit. I moved the LK back onto the floor for now, as I haven't seen the boys up on the toilet at all, actually- so I'd wager they're a bit uncomfortable with that part of it.

    I've been poking around on the forums and I've seen people have been having loads of troubles as well-any specific advice? Is this a bad sign, or is it completely normal to have these sorts of issues but end up with a perfectly toilet-trained cat?

    THANKS! -_- zzZZZzzz
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    Unread August 28th 2009, 02:39 AM
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    Many trainers encounter problems on multiple cats training. Some male cats have territory issues and will not share a litter box. Since your cats have been using the red stage before without a problem. This can be another issue. What did you do that's new? Did you started the red on the floor and raised it on the toilet lately? If you raise the toilet to the toilet level all at once that could have been the problem. It needed to be raised really slowly!
    Another thing could be the cleanliness of the red tray, it needs to be clean and dry all the time. Many cats will not use a wet tray.
    Close all doors and limit your cat's access to places where they can have accidents. "Tell" your cats they "cannot" defecate elsewhere as they like. Show them that you're "mad". I never let my cats on my bed and they know to keep off my bed and my cats never defecated outside the bathroom. Your cats peed on your bed to protest and you should let them know that that kind of behavior is not acceptable!
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