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    Unread August 7th 2006, 11:07 AM
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    Default LK doesn't fit our toilet + other red stage probs

    Hi all,
    My story so far ...
    We have 2 cats and tried the LK.
    After a little hesitation on the floor in the red stage, although there were some extremely messy moments due to the cats being used to a covered box.
    We went to put the LK on the toilet and discovered that the toilet bowl is much much smaller than the LK. (LK should definately look at a wide range of loos before claiming a "fits all" design)
    The smaller cat was able to balance but this caused problems because one of the cats got scared by the instability of it. It seemed to have destroyed his confidence after it moved and nearly fell off when he jumped up on it.
    My partner tried to put scrunched up tissues round the rim to stop the LK seat from moving, but this didn't work. Eventually I decided to try to put bits of Blue Tak and stick it to the bowl. This worked quite well, but had to be careful cleaning it to prevent the litter crystals from making it losing stick. We have only one toilet in the home, so it is a bit of a pain removing LK and putting it back on everytime us humans need to go.
    The smaller cat was fine with this solution, but the bigger cat still refused to use it after his mishaps. Occasionally he would scratch around a bit but nothing else and it was clear he was nearly busting as he kept crying out aloud all night. The good news is that so far they have resisted going anywhere else but the LK.
    Eventually we solved his complex about the unstable seat by locking him in the toilet for extended periods. He finally got the confidence and he let go in a big way ...
    Looking forward to the Amber stage. Hopefully it is slightly less complicated and messy.
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    Unread August 10th 2006, 05:50 PM
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    When we moved out LK from the ensuite toilet to upstairs the fit wasn't sug enough and I was concerned about the movement of the LK on the toilet. So my husband got a peice of cardboard from a cardboard box, folded it and pushed it between the toilet and the LK we have a peice on both sides of the toilet. It now fits securely and it is fairly easy to remove and then replace. Just an idea.
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    Unread August 11th 2006, 06:29 PM
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    We don't need to take the white rim off so I have fixed it down with Double sided tape!
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    Unread August 22nd 2006, 09:48 AM
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    well it had to happen.
    went to amber stage.
    the smaller cat was ok weeing on the litter around the amber but not down the hole.
    Eventualy someone pooed under the bed.
    Both were in a state of distress.
    So after a couple of days of pure frustration we figured we had upgraded them too early and went back to the red stage and all seemed to be well again.
    When we tried the amber stage again in another week's time after they were both using the red stage all the time, again there were major issues.
    they seemed to be afraid to go into the toilet at all.
    we tried to put them on it, stay with them a while and even shut them in there a while when they wanted to go but to no avail.
    after a couple of days of them stubbornly abstaining, the bigger cat went on the bathroom floor.
    I think the major problem is the fear of water, so I am going to try the trick I read somewhere about putting the red tray underneath in the bowl. Hopefully this works. Fingers crossed ...
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    Unread August 30th 2006, 02:39 PM
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    Default Lk not fitting well

    For those toilet seats that fall outside the "standard" I can offer special spongy buttons that adhere to he underside of the rim. Please write to
    or simply go to a hardware store and buy some spongy one-sided tape that blocks draughs from windows, it really helps
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