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    Unread March 28th 2009, 08:05 PM
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    Default When will it click?

    My little Cupcake started training on the LK shortly after she turned one. We started with the red disc in the place of her usual litter tray. Too easy, straight on with no accidents. After a few days when went straight to the red disc on the toilet and she had this mastered with wees and poos for about a week so we went onto the amber disc. This is where we ran into trouble. She weeed on the LK no worries but would poo on the floor where the tray used to be. After a few poo accidents I went back to the red disc on the toilet and she was fine, weeing and pooing. So I left it alittle longer this time, close to three weeks, after which I was confident she had it mastered. But no. She was fine with weeing on the amber but would get anxious, and have now learnt would do the dancey thing, she would meow to let us know she needed to go and I was able to put her on the LK where she would immediately poo straight down the hole. Yes, we were very excited and made a big oohhaa with lots of praise. However if we aren't around to catch her needing to go she'll just poop on the floor in the usual spot. I've sprayed this area with cat nip stuff, as well as cleaning it with bleach and wiping it over with bleach, but this hasn't worked yet. What else can I do? Or is just a matter of keep doing what we are doing and hope it clicks. I am willing to try anything else you can suggest.
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    Unread March 29th 2009, 05:28 AM
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    You shouldn't use bleach to clean the accident spot because it leaves a scent that's similar to cat pee and attracts your cat back to the same spot. Instead use an enzymatic cleaner or a diy version--half water half vinegar to break down the pee smell, rinse and follow with hydrogen peroxide+ dish washing detergent to clean the spot.
    Actually, your cat just needs to build her confidence since she uses the tray to poop when you are there. I had to potty dance with one of my cat since last October for both pee and poop or she would use the floor next to the LK! Lately, she would go pee by herself and I still have to take her to poop. Give your cat some time and she should be fine. Make sure to give your cat lots of praises and treats afterward. My other cat which had rarely any accident sometimes wants me to be there when he goes poop. Most of the time he's fine going himself!
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