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    Unread April 11th 2010, 11:42 PM
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    Default 6 months without an accident on the bed

    Our cat has been using the toilet without the litter kwitter since about January 2009. Everything started out swell, but then for some reason he started going #2 on the bed if we weren't home. If we were home we would shoo him into the bathroom and he would go on the toilet no problem. I think he just wanted to bury his business and the bed enabled him to do that.

    I was stumped on how to curb it. We ended up turning our bed into a murphy bed (kind of). If we were leaving and he hadn't gone #2 in awhile we would take the loose sheet and comforter off the bed and just push the mattress up against the wall. It probably seems a little excessive, but he started using the toilet exclusively. We did this for about 2 months, now we are leaving the bed down the way it should be and he's done great. He doesn't even think about going on the bed! If anyone else is having a problem with their cat using the bed as a bathroom give it a whirl!
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