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    Unread April 3rd 2009, 05:29 AM
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    Default A really big warning

    My eldest cat Bob (11months) sudenly started urinating on my bed at night whilst I was in it,this behaviour was really out of charecter as he has been very competant at weeing on the litterkwitter for months,the only problems I normally have is with him pooing on the floor. At first I thought he had simply decided that he no longer wanted to use the toilet and so after 4 nights of a wet bed I got the litter tray back out. But unfortunately he continued to wee on my bed, I also started to notice he was moaning a lot and became very short tempered with his sister. I phoned the vet for advice and they told me to bring him in imediately as he has a uring infection. His temp was checked and it was extremely high, the vet gave him antibiotics and painkillers and asked me to bring him in again the following morning to be checked again. A week on and Bob is exremely ill in the vets and is not allowed home as his urinary system is shutting down. The vet thinks it is a condtion that he was born with that has just shown itself now. All I want to say to people is if your cat suddenly changes their behaviour in this way please get them checked as soon as possible. I can't help but think that if I hadn't waited so long to get him checked his condition might not be so serious now.
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