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    Unread May 31st 2008, 04:28 AM
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    Unhappy I'm going to need a whole lot of serious therapy when this is over!

    I appologize in advance for this post being so long, but I thought it was necessary to give the whole story as best I could tell it. My husband and I live in a rural part of West Virginia where we have a 12 year old miniature pinscher mix named Spaz that we have had for 7 years, and we added 2 kittens, Leela and Idgie, to our family last September. They are sisters who were born to a feral mother and were only 5 weeks old when we took them in. Now they are beautiful, strong, and for the most part healthy cats. One of them is Idgie, and the other is Leela. Leela has Iritable Bowel Disorder (which is managed by diet), and is somewhat smaller in size than her sister. The vet in town took over a month to diagnose her before I took her and her records to a second vet, and because of this Leela lost out in size and development. She's better now, but I always thought she'd be the problem child when we started toilet training. Leela is my shining star. She will use the Litter Kwitter every time. Because of her small size she does have some trouble with aiming for the center, but her feet are in the right place and I think she'll be fine if we ever get to the green disk. Our frustrations are with Idgie. We like to think of Idgie as the big sister even though they are littermates. She is physically bigger, but she also reaches every miles stone first. She runs faster, leaps farther, plays harder and almost always learns everything first. At first she really seemed to get the hang of the LitterKwitter. She jumped on the seat with ease, and was using it with no problems. The amber disk did not faze her and she was peeing and pooing in the center like a pro. I thought they were both ready, so I switched to the green ring and something happened. She started peeing on the floor by the toilet, and then pooing on the floor by the toilet. Then she started soiling the carpet in our home office and going behind the couch in the living room and under our bed. I switched back to the amber disk but it did no good. I bought a second training seat to be used in the guest bath but it didn't help. In desperation I switched back to the red disk, and cried when it didn't help. Now the dog has started peeing inside too, though he has his preferred places to go which pretty much includes anything left on the floor that has a verticale surface (shipping boxes, magazine stand, the decorative box holding aquarium supplies, soft sided pet carrier, etc.). This weekend my husband and I are going to buy new flooring for our house because ours is now ruined. The house was built new 1 year ago, and it makes me mad to have to go out and buy new flooring when a) techincally we just bought new flooring last year AND b) if we don't solve our problems before the new flooring is installed then they'll just ruin the new stuff too. I really wanted to train the girls so that maybe it would break Spaz from eating the "kitty crunchies" that he would steal out of their covered litter box. Oh yeah, and I'd finnally be done scooping poop. Now I'm not sure of what to do since I feel like I have actually untrained Spaz and Idgie. Any ideas?
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