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    Unread August 7th 2012, 10:00 PM
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    Unhappy I need help!

    I have two cats, Belladonna (5) and Elvis (4). They've been on amber for almost 2 months after being on red for 4 months. Elvis was a pro on red and I was sure he'd be fine however since being on amber he will go perfectly when I'm in the bathroom with him but doesn't want to jump on himself (yet he was on red). When I'm not there he wees on the bathroom floor and on a couple of occasions has pooed in the living room, something he's never done previously! Belladonna will go on the toilet when I'm there by using the step to get on the toilet but when I'm asleep she goes in the bath! I've tried stopping her going in the bath by pulling the shower curtain over the bath but she still fights her way in. I've only got one toilet so I can't keep her away. They both know they should be using the toilet and when they do I give them lots of praise and a treat but does anyone have any tips for getting them to use the toilet when I'm not there and for stopping Belladonna using the bath? I could really do with some help as I'm getting close to giving up!
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    Unread August 10th 2012, 01:36 PM
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    Default Some Tips

    Hello, Our Koba has also gone #2 in the bath. We started leaving standing water in the bath and that has helped. The other thing I did is use a water bottle where he went on the floor a couple of times. Also using the enzyme based cleaner is crucial or they will return to the scene of the crime. I will also pass the same info I gave to Fancypants in the previous post:

    "Hello, My boyfriend and I just have our one little kitty, Koba age 17 weeks. I bought the multi cat kit and this lets everything be more gradual. We started within a two weeks with the first amber stage of multi cat kit (it has a one by two inch hole) I used a piece of clear plastic that you get with take out or salad containers to control even more of the size of the small hole. I taped this underneath and cut the hole in half. It cleans better than cardboard and can continue to use the same piece as I slowly enlarged the hole. Koba took to this quickly and we have learned that he likes an audience. Once my boyfriend experienced Koba peeing in the toilet and hitting the hole perfectly, he said that the novelty will never wear off for him or Koba. We reduced the size till no more plastic. He pooped the floor a couple times through that transition. We always do a transition on the first morning of a weekend so we are there to cheer lead. We moved too fast to the regular amber stage last week and he went #2 in the shower a couple times and went back to the Multi Kat amber and all is well again. I plan to do the same clear plastic approach with the regular amber this weekend. I will slowly make it larger at a pace that Koba will barely notice"

    Hope this helps
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    Unread August 12th 2012, 06:06 AM
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    Thank you for your advice. Fortunately in the last few days I seem to have turned a corner with Belladonna and she has stopped using the bath but the standing water idea is a good one and I will give that a go if she does it again. Elvis on the other hand is still being stubborn! x
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