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    Unread May 5th 2012, 06:41 PM
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    Default The story and the big question

    Hi folks,

    OK, this seems to be one of those places where feline shrinks hang out. So I'll start with the story, and then one or some of you can tell me if LK is likely to work for us.

    We've been a 2 cat household for over a decade (succession of cats), and our cats have varied between those who mainly toilet out in the garden and those who use the inside litter tray. We have a LK, bought several years ago, but never used. (I couldn't persuade the rest of the family to go with it.)

    Our present felines are a female aged about 3 years, and a 6mo male kitten. Both generic grey tabbys, both desexed. The older one mainly toilets outdoors during the day, but has to use the litter overnight. The kitten has so far shown little interest in the outdoors, and uses the inside litter always.

    Prior to the arrival of the kitten, the older cat happily shared a single litter box in the laundry (together with the kitten's now deceased much older predecessor). That continued in the early stages of the kitten's residence, when he was toiletting totally in a separate litter tray in his owner's bedroom. However things have gone pear-shaped since the kitten started venturing further and using the laundry litterbox (as well as his own in the bedroom).

    We've since been having a major problem with both cats peeing on carpets, beds, soft furnishings, piles of clothes, etc. At first we thought it was only the kitten doing it - having witnessed him peeing in such places several times over the course of a week. (But absolutely no other discernible behaviour changes that might suggest stress.) But then we discovered the older cat doing it in a corner of the lounge room carpet, behind a set of display shelves. And we eventually realised she was doing it repeatedly in that spot. So we ended up putting a new, fresh litter tray in that corner - and she now gladly uses that. Meanwhile the kitten, who for a while was peeing in multiple soft locations around the house, seems to have largely reverted to the original two litter trays.

    Our best guess at feline social psychology is that the older cat prefers feline privacy for toiletting. (She has also for quite a while been using drain holes in sinks, showers and basins.)

    There's nothing like a crisis to challenge thinking, and so now the family have decided that having cats sharing the toilet with people might not be so bad after all ! We realistically have only one toilet for the two cats to use. (We could have one using the ensuite, but .. um .. well .. you know .. leaving the main bedroom door open 24/7 could be problematic )

    And so to the $64 question Is the older privacy-conscious cat likely to be able to do the LK routine using the same toilet as the other cat? Necessarily long-winded background / short concise question. Thoughts, please? TIA ...
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    Unread May 8th 2012, 03:32 AM
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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    I'm sorry you haven't gotten any answers yet...

    You can train an indoor cat, but I'm not sure you will be able to train an outdoor cat.

    I think you can train two cats on the same toilet even if they have problems with eachother, but it might be very hard - it all depends on the cats. Giving them both treats when either of them are using the toilet might work for some cats.

    Many cats that are toilet training start to have the problems you are talking about, like using soft things and going in drains - when training you should remove all soft things off the floor and if you think they are using the drain kepp some water in the sink and tub.

    I think a mock toilet might be a good idea to use when training two cats so they don't have to share while training - one could use the mock toilet and one a setup on the toilet or share if they want to...Check out this website: http://relaxedcat.com/about/

    For other tips and stories to get an insight on training, read this thread: http://www.litterkwitter.com/forums/...ead.php?t=3095

    Keep us posted on your decision
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    Unread May 10th 2012, 08:15 AM
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    I have a few thoughts on your problem. Hopefully they will shed some light on it.

    It appears as if the female cat three years of age could be going through grief over the loss of the other older cat. Animals at times have the same problem as humans dealing with the loss of a companion, whether it be human or another animal. I had the same problem with my two cats when I put down the family dog, a few years ago. It took them a couple of months to come out of the doldrums. But every time a dog would go by the front window the cats would run to see it. Can you remember anything a little out of the ordinary when you lost the other cat ie. not eating, not wanting to be sociable sleeping more than usual. Just to list a couple of signs.

    Something else that could cause a problem is how the kitten was introduced into the house. I have found over the years, to be safe, I'll set up a safe room for the new animal to be introduced, in a spare bedroom with its food and litter box. And what I'll do is allow the new animal to have the run of the house for an hour or so after 24 hours. At the same time, I put the other cats in the safe room to explore the new animal's bedding, litter box, and smells left behind. I'll do this for two or three days. Then I'll put the new animal in the cage, allow the rest of the cats to explore and get familiarized with a new member of the household. The next night or day, I allow the new member out with the remainder of the cats from the house and monitor for problems. If everything seems to be working out alright we leave the new member out, but monitor everything from a distance..

    Another thing that could be causing trouble, is territorial problems caused by the loss of the older cat, and the introduction of the young kitten. Multi-cat households are usually broken down into territories by the cat residents. The two older cats would have had their territory set up, and then with the loss of one cat and the introduction of a kitten, this would have had a tendency to upset the territory and cause stress on the older cat.

    I think if I were you I would be working on getting the cats back on track using litter boxes, and getting through the stress crisis before I'd try using a litter quitter. Because the LK will start stress again from the time you start until the time you're finished, which could be two to three months later. Cats do not like change, and as much as we don't like to admit it, starting training on the Litter Kwitter is a constant change to the cats. Give the cats some time to get over this upset, you'll have to play it by ear. If it was me, I think I'd be looking at maybe a month, but not being directly involved, it's hard to say. When you start training, really take your time and make the progression through the stages, in very small increments. If you're having accidents, go back and give it some time before you go ahead again. You might have to use the cardboard method.

    It is great to hear that you have the family behind you when you start using the Litter Kwitter. It will make a major difference to whether the operation is a success or not. From time to time you see where people are having problems with other people in the house not cooperating in the training, which makes it sometimes near impossible to carry out successful training.

    Hopefully, this might help to shed some light on what might be happening.

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