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    Unread March 21st 2012, 11:35 PM
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    Exclamation 3 Cats Not Cooperating

    Hey!!! I have 3 cats, one older cat, Carly (Not sure on the age, as she showed up at our house), and 2 others, Milo and Trixie (Both right under a year old), who we started with the litter kwitter about a week ago. We started out by switching their litter to flushable litter in their normal litter box, but put it beside the toilet. They seemed fine with that, so we moved to the litter kwitter. Our problem we *think* we are having, is that we work at the same time, and it is hard for all 3 of them to use the discs during the day, as they get VERY messy after one. We have 2 bathrooms, but were hoping to only have to mess up one with the litter kwitter. So far it is a lot of daily cleaning. We are having constant floor messes, and NONE in the litter kwitter. What should we do? I know this will work, so I am being patient, but my house is starting to smell like car urine and feces, even after it is cleaned up. I am going to order the multi cat kit, but it looks as though that helps with the hole introduction, but not with the red disc. Helpppp!!!!!1

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