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    Unread March 12th 2012, 08:04 AM
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    Default Poop on the floor : Revelation and solutions : YOU MUST READ !

    Oh boy !!! I am so happy that I’ve learn that today.

    After days and days of trying to find out why my cat is now suddenly pooping on the floor. He was doing great with green…and suddenly started to poop on the floor. Here is my revelation (maybe a lot of people knows…but I didn’t have a clue !) : My cat had diarrhea when we started the green ring, he was pooping in the toilet all the time. When his feces started to be normal he hit the water once, and never went back.

    Why ? Because with diarrhea you don’t have back-splash…it’s like to go pee !! But when your poop is normal, if you don’t poop in front of the LK ,(because in the back there is more water) almost all the times it will splash the bum of your cat if the poop hit the water. THEY hate that !!! When that happens to me I hated it too !!!

    So I went back to amber, and the goal of my cat is to hit the ring…because he doesn,t want to get a little wet if the poop hits the water. He doesn’t want to experience that again !

    WOW !!! So my cat doesn’t want to experience again the back-splash. The ring is not the problem, in his case. So there are THREE solutions that I think will work :

    Lower the level of the water and/or put toilet paper to “absorb” the splash for # 2…

    And also , that I will try now and give you some news later, put the litter IN FRONT of the LK, and only there. So it will naturaly guide him to do it in the front...I hope !

    Front = No back splash !!!

    After I found out about back-splash, I googled this : “toilet trained cat back-splash” to have more info about it, and I stumble on that book…and I was literally jumping everywhere…VERY GOOD INFO for cat who poop on the floor. So I had the confirmation that I found the problem of my cat : My cat doesn’t want to experience back-splash on his bum again !!!

    Here is the link that will help you I’m sure :

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