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    Unread February 25th 2012, 11:42 PM
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    Default Kitten sleeping in LK??

    My kitten, Pan, has been on the small amber stage (I have a multi cat kit) for awhile now and I believe he's got it. But for the past week I've noticed that the litter's been displaced, but not used, on occasion. I finally figured out what it was. I heard him scratching and went in there with the bag of treats to praise him, and he was just LAYING in the LK! Wtf? Has anyone elses cats done this? It is freaking disgusting. I mean, it was clean, but I don't completely switch out the litter every time I clean it, and I'm sure the tray itself was germy....

    What does it mean if a cat lays in the LK? I have no rugs in the bathroom and his bed isn't in there because I don't want him to use alternate places to go. Also, I leave him in the bathroom while no one's home and overnight because until he's trained, I just don't trust him not to use my bed (we live in a studio apartment). When I was gone I had a friend stay over and watch him and she wasn't vigilant enough and he used my bed. I used to leave him out while I was gone and only put him up at night, but now it makes me too nervous.

    I just bumped him up to the big amber stage, and we will see how he takes to it. The last time we tried transitioning to this stage, I placed him on it to show him and he was too freaked out by the hole to use the LK. Now that he's had a couple more weeks to habituate to the hole in the small amber stage I'm hoping he'll take to the bigger hole more readily. Also, I'm not going to show him; I'm just going to let him discover it himself. I didn't show him the small hole in the small amber stage and he was totally fine with it. Maybe this whole operation has to be covert...

    Also, how long do you think he has to have "roaming privileges" revoked? It's a pretty big bathroom so it's not like he's in a closet while I'm gone, but I'd like to leave him out so that I know he's choosing the LK. If I get him totally trained and then leave him out, what if he uses my bed? Is it best to find out now?
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