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    Unread November 7th 2011, 03:56 AM
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    Default Just started

    Being the only one in the house who cares for the cats (food and bathroom). It has been trying to say the least. We have 3 now, one in his late teen years Darius, (just now 1 year old) and 2 children they are now 6 months Wallace and Spaz (Spazzers) (i think that is their age). (and spas earned his name, he spazzed out and I blurted 'Spaz stop spazzing out' He is still a total spaz, but seems to be a smart kittie.

    So the litter box was becoming a headache. Even though when I first got our cats last year for my birthday (one of our kitties passed due to heart failure so we got the two kittens to help the house get over our loss, it worked but it did up the maintenance.

    So I decided to try the LK system as that would be such a nice change and would help keep my sanity.

    So this is my second day. I have half clay litter (kitten attract) and half recycled newspaper litter. Can't wait to get them off of the clay as it is a pain to clean. but the kids are now playing with the pellet sized litter.

    I am considering switching them to crystals as I hear it is also flushable and as the size is smaller the chances of them playing tag with it will be greatly reduced. however I read that it can be abrasive on their feet, and I don't want to deter them from using the LK.

    They have shared a litter since the kittens were able to be out of the bathroom after the initial introduction to Dar, and after they got over being mostly sick. Also they have at first had their litter box in the bathroom as the kittens were too small to use the one upstairs.

    so now all are pleased that the bathroom is theirs again, (Dar was constantly asking for the boxed to be moved downstairs since it was taken out when the kittens were old enough) And I have been able to move the LK from the floor to the toilet with success. As they are just happy they don't have to do the mad dash up the stairs to use their box.

    Spaz was the first to use it on both occasions, and he seems to be rolling with it, the other two seem to be following his lead.

    But I have read the warnings of moving too fast, and it is a tad cleaner now that it is off of the floor.

    However the playing with the litter and getting it everywhere is old. (is why the litter box got moved out of the bathroom in the first place.

    So any thoughts on the crystals???

    Seems like I am having more issues then the cats are.
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    Unread November 13th 2011, 11:06 PM
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    Hi, not sure if you will feel more sane training your cats than letting them use a litterbox, he he...I almost lost my sanity during this...But we got trough it in the end

    I switched from clumping clay to crystal litter myself since those were the only two options here in my country. The crystal litter is not really flushable, but atleast it doesn't clump. I used to throw all the used litter in a concealed box and throw it away once it was full. I did put the poo in the toilet and of course there was some litter stuck on it + on the amber and green alot of litter got in the toilet. We never had problems with the toilet even after training for 10 months, but can't be sure if we had dumped it all in the toilet each time we cleaned....My cats tried to eat and play with the litter in the beginning or whenever it fell on the floor...Another thing to think about is that the crystal makes a sizzeling sound when it falls in the water...It might be a bit disturbing...

    Here is a thread with links for all beginners to read, there is a few links on litter there also...Check it out: http://www.litterkwitter.com/forums/...ead.php?t=3095
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