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    Unread June 11th 2011, 03:35 AM
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    Default LitterKwitter arrived... still waiting for the cat.

    I saw this product a long time ago, but as my cats were older it was only a dream.

    Last year my 17 year old died of cancer and not long after the 16 year old died.

    We are now ready for a little bundle of joy. So I remembered the LitterKwitter and ordered it.

    First question, the new kitten will be about 5 months old, as he has no association of a litter box in this home is it necessary to start it on the floor or is it ok to place a small stool near the toilet and use the LitterKwitter as a litterbox until he is old enough to start training. I can't see the point of getting him used to a litter box in one place only to have to change him in a month or so. I am changing the guest toilet into the cat toilet so it is his and time for training is not an issue.

    Second question, because of weight problems for my previous cats (and constant lectures from the vet) I do not want to use treats for training. I was thinking of using a red light toy with the game routinely finishing with the red light drawing him to the LK. Also standing him on the seat for a little light grooming (if he likes it) to reinforce the idea that the toilet is not an unpleasant place. Or should you not mix toilet with play or grooming.

    Third question, why is the placing of the toilet set the last thing. I would have thought that it would be best to get him balanced on his permanent seat during the red phase, while he still has the litter to land in, instead of the toilet bowl.

    Last question for now, I notice from the posts that it takes a lot longer than on the video. is it best to not bother trying to move him up a phase for a lot longer, maybe a month on each phase, Can you leave them on a certain phase for too long, causing more problems when trying to move up.
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