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    Unread September 11th 2008, 05:52 AM
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    Default Training Sammie

    Hi! I'm an old pro with cats, but new with toilet training one. I'm just tired of litter boxes and after a break from cats for a few years (I got sick during a pregnancy and could not care for them) I knew I wanted to get rid of the cat box with our newest family member. It was my intention not to have a litter box in the house and just train him to go outside when he needed to go.

    Sammie came from a home where he was an indoor/outdoor kitten, but he wasn't yet old enough for his rabies shots and we live way out in the wilderness. I decided to keep him in for a couple of weeks until he could get his vaccination, so I bought a small litter box.

    Well, now our little bugger refuses to go outside. He acts like he's never been outside and has no interest in going outside ever. So I decided to get the Litter Kwitter to solve our litter box problem.

    I have high hopes for Sammie. He's already interested in the toilet, jumping up and even drinking out of it (the dirtier the better in his opinion - TOTALLY GROSS!!! in my opinion - I'm hoping leaning to use the toilet breaks that nasty habit) and he always follows us into the bathroom so is quite used to the flushing and running water.

    He's also pretty receptive and seems to learn quickly. He knows not to get on the coffee table or end tables in the living room and gets off the counter quickly when I clap and say "get down" in a firm tone. He comes when called and is very gentle when playing, being careful not to use his claws when play attacking his human family members. He also knows to back off if one of the kids cries out or if one of the adults says, "ouch" even in a calm tone.

    We've switched from clumping litter to a pine litter that is safe for our septic tank. Sammie took to it immediately. Today I placed the Litter Kwitter in place of his old litter box. It wasn't time for him to go, but he was really interested in it and seemed happy with it. I'm so anxious waiting for his potty time, but he's too busy taking his midday nap.

    I'm hopeful for Sammie. I've potty trained four children already and I really think training Sammie with the Litter Kwitter will be worlds easier. It certainly can't be harder than what we went through with the kids; each one had their own issues to deal with when it came to toilet training, but they're all successfully going where they need to now. I've got the patience and the determination and Sammie has a head start with his already existing habits. I think we're good to go!

    Thanks Doogie and Doogie's Mom for a more intuitive training system than anything else out there!
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    Unread September 20th 2008, 02:23 AM
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    Default An Update on Sammie's Progress

    Well, Sammie was using the red stage like a star, so I tried switching to the amber tray early. I'm afraid I am responsible for ending Sammies flawless potty record. He tried to tell us, though, crying at our door that night, but I didn't get it at the time and he left a pile over by the TV. I switched back to the red tray and Sammie went back to being a star.

    I tried again to switch to the amber tray yesterday, but Sammie was clearly concerned about the hole. He had already pooped for the day in the red tray (unusually early) and I changed the trays just before heading to bed, fully expecting a late night wake-up call to the potty.

    Sammie kindly waited until I got up this morning before crying about his toilet. When he let me know he had to go, I took a bag of treats into the bathroom with me and tried to encourage him up onto the toilet. He would get up there, but he wouldn't use it. He hopped into the tub and squatted over the drain. I picked him up and placed him on the toilet, placing a treat at his nose encouraging him to let his bottom down on it.

    He was still resistant and ran out of the bathroom in search of a place to go, so I locked the both of us in the bathroom. I filled the tub with water so he wouldn't go there and any time he squatted on the floor, I placed him on the toilet and offered a treat once he was up there. It took a little more than 30 minutes, a number of attempted floor squats, and a handful of treats before he finally gave in and squatted on the amber LK. Of course, I gave him a treat and lots of praise for his success.

    He may not be as quick a learner as I had expected, but with some assistance, he's picking it up.

    We've now had a successful pee on the amber tray and I am prepared to be up tonight to ensure Sammie has a successful poo, too. It's a bit of work, but it will pay off in the end. It's still easier than potty training my four kids, too.
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    Unread September 20th 2008, 11:55 PM
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    More on yesterday:

    Later in the evening, Sammie was pawing around as if looking for a place to pee. I gently picked him up and took him into the bathroom with the bag of treats. As soon as I closed the door, he hopped right up onto the LK and did his business. He must have been holding it for a while, because boy did he ever have to pee and pee and pee and pee!!

    I stayed up figuring he would need help pooping and I didnít want to miss his cries in the night. At about quarter to midnight, Sammie started pawing around looking anxious again. I knew it was poo time, so I took him to the bathroom with treats again. He tried to get into the tub and then dug around a little at the floor. Then, finally, he jumped up on the LK, desperately scratched around, and pooped. He got a treat and lots of praise. He seemed quite proud of himself and galloped around the house like a crazy happy kitty.


    Breakthrough! This morning, Sammie went and peed on the LK with the amber tray all by himself! I gave him lots of praise and he galloped happily around the house again. Iím so happy that he picked it up in just one day and I donít have to hang about waiting for potty signs anymore.
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