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    Unread May 28th 2008, 02:01 AM
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    Default Proper Positioning

    I have 2 black and white boys, 1 quick learner and 1 slow. The slower of the 2 was doing well with peeing, but having trouble with his pooing during the amber stage. After a couple weeks of switching back and forth between amber for pee and red for poo () I was ready to give up. But just when I thought it was hopeless, I stumbled upon an unscheduled poo...on the amber ring...and it was his! Oh what glory, the angels were singing! So, for another 2 weeks, both boys were using the amber well with signs of readiness for the green. But then, the slower boy tried a new trick...not with the poo, with the pee. He prepared to go as usual, but rather than standing with all fours together, he decided to stretch his entire body out like a bridge across the opening -- back feet at the rear, front feet at the front, belly over the hole. Convinced it was a 1 time occurrence, I just giggled at him and continued on with my efforts to the green stage. He is hesitant, but seems to be using the green. However, the new trick is becoming more of a regular occurrence. I was thinking the narrowness of the ring would correct him and since he's pooing properly he'd just assume the same position. But he seems to have taken fondly to his "bridge" technique and I'm worried that he'll keep doing it, fall in, and be afraid. I try to keep the boys on a schedule so I can monitor them, but I think they withhold sometimes making it difficult to see and correct behavior.

    Will this behavior correct itself, or should I be more proactive? We've come so painstakingly far, and I'd hate to regress because of something I should have done different. Anyone...??
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