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    Unread December 15th 2007, 12:00 AM
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    Angry help! about to give up on the lk.going backwards.

    I have 2 ragdolls. a male and female 10 and 11mths. We have been using the lk for about 3mths. Started great, they both flew throught to green in about 5wks. My boy Merlin was reluctant. Brie pretty unfased. then she started going everywhere poos and pees on our clothes, the kids toy boxes, on my daughters carpet(she sleeps in there) in the pantry(the worst) I backed off and went back to amber then to red when that didnt work. Now the tray is back on the floor full of litter and she is still going all over the toilet floor but not in the lk! Now I suspect that when she cries to go in my daughters room at night she is crying to get in to the toilet not for bed! Worse still Merlin is now following her lead and peeing and pooing all over the toilet floor also. It is beginning to affect my relationship with her as I am really beginning to resent her. What is the point of this I got the lk to get away from cleaning up and this is far worse than dealing with a litter tray. They are locked out of the bedrooms all day. and we make sure they dont have access to the clothes baskets, pantry etc.
    Please help I am about to give up!!
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    Unread December 16th 2007, 12:14 PM
    Yankeep2 Yankeep2 is offline
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    I would try locking the cats in the bathroom with the litter kwitter at nights and haunting them like crazy during the day. Best of luck to you and your new additions.
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    Unread December 16th 2007, 12:26 PM
    alikat alikat is offline
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    I recommend starting ALL the way over. Go back to the litterbox - their favourite non-flushable litter, even, if need-be. Just take a break and let the cats settle down and remember that there is one, specific spot in which to do their business. One of my cats got scared off the toilet a month ago and I had to go back to the litterbox for a few days before she would stop soiling the carpets all over my apartment. (For details of our story, check the "Scared Off the LK" thread. )

    You're going to have to make sure you do an AMAZING job of cleaning up your bathroom floor since it's been used so many times and by both cats. There are a lot of cleaning tips throughout the forums, so I recommend taking a look.

    Above all, take a deep breath and remember how much you love your cats. They are not just being naughty to spite you - in all likelihood, they are simply scared and confused. The litterbox break may seem like negative progress to you, but it is absolutely necessary for the happiness of both you and your precious kitties.

    Best of luck and keep us posted!!
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    Unread December 16th 2007, 03:28 PM
    pnklfnt pnklfnt is offline
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    Cool Den or Crate

    Along with others, we have found that putting the cats in confined areas help their training. I have one female (1/2 rag doll) Sofia who is VERY reluctant to use the toilet, if she's been confined to the bathroom all night.

    (She thinks it's her "bedroom" and doesn't want to go in it, if that is the room she's suipposed to be sleeping in.) However, if I put her in a "cat carrier" for the time I sleep, or out on a short run out of the house, she doesn't have a problem knowing where the bathroom is.

    Until your cat's are completely trained on the LK, or at the least, 100% comfortable at any stage, and accurate all the time. I'd close all extra available rooms you can. Leave only as many rooms accessable as you need to. I know it's a pain in the beginning, but it does have it's advantages.

    I have 4 of my own rooms shut off consistantly, and therefore only 3 rooms and the bathroom are accessable for accidents instead of the whole house. Give treats when you catch one of them doing the "correct" toileting procedure. Ignore mistakes, and if at the end you still want to go bald by pulling our hair out of frustration.

    I agree with going back to the litter tray for a few weeks and starting again, using some of their "used litter box litter" for the starting of the training so that they know that's a familiar smell, even though it may be in a different container.

    I have had some success, and I've had my share of failures. I use Urine-Off for failures. I may never graduate from the LK all together, I'm afraid, however... I'd rather 95-99% of all business going down the hole in amber than scooping the rest of our relationship. (Hoping that someday that she'll catch on like her brother, and we'll be done with the whole thing, he's already to get rid of it, and finds it to be a nusance by fussing when I have to put it back on.) Until then, we all are just hanging on to her accomplishements so far.

    I hope this information helps a little, so sorry to get so windy.
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    Unread December 17th 2007, 04:17 AM
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    we've been going for a year with LK, to green, to red, to amber, to amber intermediate back and forth forth and back.

    i too am about to quit because over the last three weeks mina's been sick, puking, diahrrea and peeing all outside the box.

    she has NEVER peed outside the toilet (well, except the time i was sick and left the kwitter on the floor, then she peed in the kwitter, but on the floor.

    i'm headed out to the petstore now to pick up a new product.

    cat attrack long hair cat litter

    i heard wonderful things about their clumping litter, this is their crystal litter herb infused to attract cats back to their litter box after they've been sick or started peeing outside the box.

    don't know how it works for pooping outside the box, i assume the same

    i've also ordered a feliway comfort zone diffuser for the living room hoping that will help discourage her from peeing on the futon

    we're back on amber intermediate and have a special food hoping that's the cause of the diahrrea.

    if all this doesn't work, we're going back to the box. with crystal litter this time as that seems easier than the clumping was.

    the vets still don't know why suddenly she's gotten diahrea and a uti and is puking... wish us luck

    she's only 4
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