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    Unread August 3rd 2007, 03:52 AM
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    Question The Green Stage

    Hi everyone,

    It seems that Oreo is not adapting. We are now in the final stage, and I am trying to reduce the litter so it is almost to nothing, and Oreo does not like it. She won't do her business! She does not do it on the floor, but she wakes me up at night to take her to the washroom, or during the day she will come to me to take her. Every stage took me more than three months, so she is taking her time. When she has more litter in the green tray she was indepent; we have been in the green stage for about 4 months now. Oreo reminds me of my little child.

    Thank you for your support, any ideas?
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    Unread August 3rd 2007, 07:50 AM
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    I am a newbie at this game but maybe having him jump up on the toilet using a treat several times in a row? I did this with my cat at least 10 times in a row (until his belly was full and he didn't want treats any more), I had him turn around, walk on it etc. Then I did the obstacle course thing. That worked really well the first try. Maybe also putting water in the tub so he doesn't go there. Good luck.
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    Unread August 3rd 2007, 08:43 AM
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    I'm getting the same problem. It took ages for Sophie to go from stage to stage and lots of intermediate diy stages inbetween. She's on green intermediate disc now and pees ok (twice a day if I insist or once if I don't so she's still holding on a bit) but she refuses to poop in the tray.

    As I had problems at each stage I'm hoping persistance will pay off and eventually she'll get used to it. I thought the more she used the green disc to pee the more she would think it was ok and will eventually use it to poop.

    In the meantime she's being very inventive in her hunt for litter to poop on! This week her imagination knew no bounds (see my diary on www.sophiecat.co.uk).

    I keep checking this section to see if anyone has a good idea to overcome the problem which seems to be extremely common.

    Angie & Sophie
    www.sophiecat.co.uk - the World's cutest cat!
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    Unread June 30th 2009, 10:26 PM
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    Maybe try to do a very good measure of litter you been giving her??
    I do cut off a spoon of litter every 3 day, then If my cat don't like it, I will stop to cut litter off or take a week to let my cat get used to before I start cut the almont again...
    after a month, my cat don't even need the green disc, and my cat don't like cat litter now =_=!

    but still have a long way to go...
    my cat have other problem come up... like do no.1 on toilet, but no.2 on floor, also he don't do sec time of no.1 in toilet unless the toilet is clean...then he do no.1 on the floor... he don't like the human toilet set...etc. awwwwwwww anyone can help me too???
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