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    Unread December 4th 2011, 11:11 AM
    cleverkitty cleverkitty is offline
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    Thumbs up Cleverkitty has cracked it!!!!!!

    Just letting you all know that today I removed the white seat and put the normal toilet seat down and my kitten (now 11 months) has been hoping up to use it all day!

    We had a moment when she became all defiant a couple of months ago and started pooing on the floor - she would look at me and roll her eyes up as if to say 'nope not going to go up there'. We put that down to her going through her cat teenage years - she seems to have grown out of that.

    Anyway I tackled that by buying a special cleaner that got rid of the residue smell which normal household cleaners cannot tackle - got from Amazon. I also became quite creative and put lots of things around the side and back of the toilet floor (brush and pan/ packets of toilet rolls/ toilet cleaner, a hug pot) anything that took up room so that she couldn't sneak behind the door!!!

    I also put down a sheet of newspaper beside the toilet so I could hear her scratching - I would then get up and point to the loo saying 'pee pee up!'. I swear she used to play tricks on me because sometimes I would go to the room when I heard her scratching and she would look at me (and laugh) and then just roll on the paper and look up at me with big eyes ..... mmmmm.

    So the litterkwitter is finally going in the cupboard incase I ever need it again.

    But I still reward her with a special treat when she does it in the right place.

    So we are celebrating our cat's success and my cat friends are jealous and don't think I'm so daft now!!!!
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    Unread December 4th 2011, 09:28 PM
    Norwegiangirl85 Norwegiangirl85 is offline
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    Wonderful, congratulations - I guess you really have a cleverkitty I still give my cats treats after they use the toilet to keep them going there, not sure when I'm going to stop it - my bengal loves to go when I'm home to get the treat and I like it that way

    Do you have any pics of your cat?

    I would love it if you could answer these poll since you are one of the succsessfull ones? :

    For all of you that has COMPLETED the training, how long did it take?

    How many cats have you successfully trained to use the toilet?

    How old was your cat when you COMPLETED the training?

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