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    Unread September 1st 2010, 05:33 AM
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    Default Frappucino's Litter Kwitter Diary

    Here is the story of my Frappucino (Cino for short) =) he's just getting started but he's a smart kitty I think he'll catch on...

    Red Stage: On the floor

    August 18th
    My litter kwitter arrived! I eagerly read through the step-by-step instructions and run out and buy some flushable kitty litter and set it all up. Frappucino looks at the LK on the floor and mumbles at me... he doesn't seem too pleased with the change.

    August 19th
    I wake up in the morning to see Cino has used the litter kwitter! Although unfortunately without very good aim, but it's the thought that counts!

    Red Stage: On the toilet

    August 21st
    I decide Cino's pretty pro at using the litter kwitter and frankly I'm tired of finding poop half on the LK and half on the floor so I move it onto the toilet.
    I wake up early enough to catch him before his morning business and sit on the edge of the bathtub encouraging him. He runs around, plays with my hairclips, rolls around on the bathmat and wants to play, he jumps up on the toilet a few times and looks at me a bit confused. After about 2 or 3 hours he finally jumps up and pees in the litter kwitter. I think to myself yay! He's so smart! I give him treats and cuddles and then instead of cleaning it out right away I go back to sleep (admittedly I may have been a bit tired and sitting on the bathtub for 3 hours was about as much as I could take). And wouldn't you know it, when I wake up a few hours later there's a nice pile of poop on the bathroom floor...
    Moral of the story: don't be lazy!
    I didn't get mad at him for it though, it was probably too long after the fact for him to relate my anger with his pooping on the floor and anyways I considered this one my bad for not cleaning it right away and figured I'll give it a try again tomorrow.

    August 23rd
    I wake up early and catch him just as he's peeing in the LK and rush in to clean it out and after a little while... success! He pooped in the LK! I was so proud of him I gave him tons of treats and praise and cuddles.

    August 24th
    Cino now jumps up on the toilet and meows and scratches around just to get attention and treats... not going to work sneaky cat =)

    Intermediate Amber Stage

    August 26th
    I think my cat is the smartest cat in the world so I figure, well I bought the multi-cat kit and it couldn't hurt to try (boy was I wrong) so I put in the intermediate amber disc and see how it goes...
    Frappucino pees in the LK (yay! treats and praise and cuddles!) I clean it out, but later I walk into the bathroom to see him pooping on the floor... I shout at him to stop and he just glares at me =(
    So I clean it up and decide I've moved him too fast and put the red disc back in.

    Back to Red Stage: On the toilet

    August 27th
    This morning he pees in the LK but doesn't poop until way later in the day (very unusual for him) and unfortunately, on the floor... I guess my yelling at him upset him more than I thought.
    Moral of the story, don't rush him.
    I clean it up and give him the cold shoulder, which is very very hard to do considering I work from home and he is in my face all day long... standing infront of my computer monitor...

    sleeping on my mousepad...

    but I did my best and he just looked at me with those big sad eyes =(

    August 28th
    Pooped on the floor again, I read on the forums that I should try some enzymatic cleaner, so I went out and bought some and cleaned the entire bathroom floor with it.

    August 29th
    Enzymatic cleaner didn't seem to do the trick, he pooped next to the toilet again =(
    So I decide to take him back a step and put the LK back on the floor.

    Back to Red Stage: On the floor

    August 30th
    Hooray he pooped in the litter kwitter! And this time with much improved aim over last time it was on the floor.. I'll leave it for a couple days and see how it goes before moving it back to the toilet.

    To be continued.....

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    Unread September 1st 2010, 06:31 AM
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    Frappucino is gorgeous and I wish you all the luck and patience whilst potty training him! You'll have many ups and downs, but with taking baby steps, there should be way more ups than downs!

    LOVE your diary with photos! Keep us posted how are you doing. Need any help, let me know - i'll try to help the best I can.

    Take care and talk soon,
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    Unread September 2nd 2010, 02:28 AM
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    He's adorable! Keep the pictures coming!

    I work from home too, and when my cats were kittens, they were in my face all the time too. Now that they are almost 2, not so much. They just laze on their cat tree all day. I miss them sleeping on my desk
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    Unread September 2nd 2010, 09:20 PM
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    Aww... my kitties never sleep on my desk. Well, their cat tree is right next to it so why would they?? It's far more comfortable in the hammock!

    Dani, how's Frappi? It's been few days already! Btw, how old is he?? Seems quite young, 8-10 weeks.... (my wild guess!)
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    Unread September 3rd 2010, 06:25 AM
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    thank you for you're wonderful replies =)
    Cino is just about a year old, some of the images I included were from quite awhile ago, but he still does those things just... takes up more room!

    a more recent picture of him getting in my face

    on with the diary...

    Back to Red Stage: On the Toilet

    September 2nd
    After a couple of successful days of Cino using the LK on the floor I decided to move it back up onto the toilet... All morning he was grumpy with me, roaming around the apartment meowing and whining and moving the litter around in the tray =( I tried to encourage him and sit with him but he just laid down infront of me and looked at the LK and looked at me like "do I really have to use that thing?"

    Eventually I had to get back to work, so I left and awhile later I heard some noise in the bathroom so I went in there to find Cino taking a leak in my clothes hamper... I immediately picked him up and plopped him onto the toilet, scolded him, and took the hamper and put it in the other room.
    So I took my laptop and sat on the edge of the bathtub and continued my work which I think kind of annoyed him because now he knows if he goes where he's not supposed to I'll see!
    He was whining and sulking so much so I put some more litter in the tray and that seemed to do the trick, he finally jumped up on the toilet and finished doing Nr1.
    So I cleaned it up and sat back down on the edge of the bathtub and told him he's a good boy but I'm not leaving until he poops in the toilet too, and sure enough after awhile of pouting success!

    to be continued...

    "Hey mom, maybe you should clean that up, it kinda smells in here..."

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    Unread September 4th 2010, 05:54 AM
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    Lol, he's so adorable!!! If it was my cat, i'd be totally and utterly running after him all the time you're a perfect match, I'm sure. Keep posting photos

    Now, the LK issues.
    YES to more litter on the red stage. It has to resemble the litter box!! With half of the try filled with litter it can hardly be done, can it...? Even on Amber you shouldn't skimp, reduce litter amount only at the end of Amber training in preparation for Green.

    As for little cheat trying to potty somewhere else: well, Dani, i'm afraid you'll have to remove ANYTHING, I should say EVERYTHING that's even slightly tempting. Rugs... clothes on the floor... towel edge resting on the floor... some loose sock somewhere... slipper left alone on the floor overnight... There is no bound to an imagination and sources of 'alternative' places! I think your little cutie pie will be a little complainer though-out the training (just because he's smart and knows what he wants - just like my Clyde... same story), so take it slow with him. It's not about battle of wills, it's about creating a new habit.

    Good luck x
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