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    Unread July 9th 2006, 11:53 AM
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    Default Excellent beginning

    I know it's just the beginning, but She-Ra and I have started so well I thought I'd let you know now just in case things get hard and I forget to tell you later.
    She-Ra was already using the bathroom for her litter tray and has never had a single accident since I adopted her five weeks ago - she's now five and a half months. Yesterday morning we sat down together and watched Doogie's DVD about the training, which she enjoyed very much running up to the screen - I think she thinks Doogie is hot. A little later around poo time I packed up her litter tray and put out the Litter Kwitter next to the toilet. I picked She-Ra up and popped her on it and she immediately did her poo on it. I was so proud and so was she. All day she went back to do her wees on it and was doing pretty well, a little overflow on the seat was all.
    This morning I thought the wee might be better falling into the toilet rather than the floor and tried popping it on the toilet and putting her on it at poo time. Yes, She-Ra is a genius; again she immedaitely pooed on it on top of the toilet.
    It's just the very beginning and I know it's very important not to rush her and I won't, but she seems to be getting a great sense of achievement from standing on the toilet and doing her business, even if it isn't into it yet.
    Thank you for giving She-Ra this unique opportunity to shine,
    Proud Mum
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    Unread July 9th 2006, 06:46 PM
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    Your very welcome
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    Unread August 16th 2006, 06:09 AM
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