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Basic Information on the Litter Kwitter® Stages

13th August 2016 | General Tips

The 3 Stages of Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training

product-placeholderThe Litter Kwitter is designed to train your cat by small increments to use the toilet. Any litter-trained cat can be trained to use the toilet. Over a series of small changes your cat will gradually begin to use the toilet pan rather than the litter box to deposit its waste and will eventually regard the toilet as its natural place to ‘go’.

Cat do not learn in a straight line – they sometimes need to go back and re-learn something you thought they already knew how to do. This is normal and nothing to worry about. The Litter Kwitter has been designed to be completely re-usable at each stage so that your cat can learn in its own way and at its own pace. And if at any stage in the future your cat forgets its training – when you move home, for example, or when some other change in the household causes stress – then the Litter Kwitter can be brought out of retirement to help your cat brush-up on its skills.

Red Stage

Minimum period on the Red disc 2 weeks.

Make sure the Litter Kwitter is stable. If your tiles are slippery & the white base plate moves around your cat may not feel safe so non slip mats can help here & can be purchased through hardware stores everywhere.

Don’t rush to put the Litter Kwitter up onto the toilet rim – make sure your cat knows that the bathroom is where they go to ‘go’, and is used to going there before you introduce the big leap.

Amber Stage

Minimum period on the Amber disc 4 weeks.

The Amber disc is the most important stage in the training & the most challenging. Occasionally some cats may refuse to defecate on the the Amber disc, some because they do not like the water & others because they do not like the hole. We are not yet sure why some cats have this reaction & usually after questioning the trainer we find it is because they have not spent enough time on the Red disc getting used to the new look & feel the Litter Kwitter unit as their litter box.

If your cat starts toileting in the sink, shower or bath just block them off by filling a little water in the basin/bath or closing the shower door until they get the hang of it.

If your cat decides the floor is easier to toilet on try putting some aluminum foil down around the toilet or bottles filled with water. Make sure to clean up the misses with an enzymatic cleaner, like CSI Urine or similar product (available from pet stores). Enzymatic cleaners are the only products that totally eliminate urine and more importantly its odour, which attracts the cat to keep soiling a previously soiled area. If your cat does defecate on the floor, clean it up using soapy water then spray the enzymatic cleaner & leave to air dry.

Cats love to please so reward good behaviour with love, touch & perhaps a special treat.

Green Stage

Minimum period on the Green disc 2 weeks.

The Green stage is the final run – keep reducing the litter ever so gradually & you will get to the point where only a few grains remain. Try removing the disc and replacing it to ease your cat into the idea of toileting with no litter. Then remove and replace the white seat too to get them used to the feel of the regular toilet seat. Don’t be afraid to put the Green disc back if your cat freaks out a bit. The beauty of the Litter Kwitter is that any of the stages can be repeated until your cat is completely comfortable with the idea of using the toilet.

Good luck!
LK Team

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